Is Streaming About to End Cable TV Monopoly ?

Cord-cutting has risen to become a household word. For the few of you who haven’t heard it before, the term refers to dumping your traditional cable TV package in favor of satellite or internet-distributed

Benefits of Using a Mobile to Make Payments

Mobile phones have replaced the need of handling cash and pay by debit/credit cards. Mobile payments are simply inexpensive and these apps do not require some kind of special knowledge to operate, many businesses

Dead Simple Tweaks to make WordPress Admin Area Client-Friendly

Although WordPress CMS is considered as a simple-to-use software system, the clients might not always find it a complete breeze. With due consideration of this fact, it becomes necessary for you, the WordPress designer

El Capitan Review:The Best Video Converter for Mac OS X

OS X El Capitan featuring the ability to run multiple apps is fantastic. But some programs, for example, video converters have no luck to experience the new operating system if they lack frequent update.

A Brief History of Television

For more than 80 years, television has been a source of news and entertainment. In the heydays of television, it was more a novelty than something everyone enjoyed. It was common practice for neighbours

Why Android App Force Close

Have you ever found yourself in such a nasty situation when your favourite app suddenly force close, stop responding or as we are used to say the app crush? Did you asked yourself why the app

10 Steps You Should Take to Speed up Your WordPress

WordPress is one of the most effective and user friendly open source CMS (Content Management System) to run your website, but due to lack of certain information, many website owners are unable to boost

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo: Design a Neo Life!

Unveiled by Samsung in the previous year, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo was launched as a lower priced version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Promising powerful features and a smooth experience, the smartphone

Buy Products Online Using Coupons To Save More

Online shopping and its pros have in fact attracted a lot of shopaholics. They have converted themselves from being offline shopaholics, who used to roam around the whole day to online shopaholics. Now they

The Features of Movavi Game Capture

Gamers often like referring to their moves and tactics all through the game. When you play a game on your computer you are bound to make some mistakes and unless you review them you