How to Recycle Your Cellphone in Canada

There are different options when it comes to recycling your cell phone. You can choose to resell your phone to companies that will offer your old phones to others that cannot afford those new

Mediating Corporate Governance

If you have an advanced degree in Conflict Resolution, then you have the knowledge to mediate a variety of different conflict types in the corporate world. The relationship between businesses and courtrooms has become

Universal Top Tech Trends of 2015

The verdict is out even before we have fully settled into the New Year and experts are of the belief that the following technologies will rule the corporate turf in 2015. Let us take

Microsoft Hololens Mind Blowing Technology

Microsoft HoloLens is a standalone device that is not tethered to any device and is not connected through wires. It is the first consumer oriented product that focuses on bringing the reality to the

Siri Vs OK Google: Battle of the Digital Assistants

One of the most exciting recent developments in smartphone technology is advent of digital assistants, interactive programs that gives users voice activated access to the functions of their devices such as the contacts, calendar

Oppo R5 – The Thinnest Smartphone of the World

Oppo, one of the leading Chinese vendors had launched the slimmest smart phone of the world named as Oppo R5. It is just 4.85 mm thick and comes with HD display along with 64-bit

Extending the Battery Life of Your Smartphone

Phones today can hold days worth of battery life on standby time, so why does it seem like your phone can hardly make it through one day? Simply put, as your phone ages, the

How to Start your Own Blog in Minute

Having a blog is very advantageous and fun. It enables you to share your experiences and thoughts to others. From your blog, you can get new friends and acquaintances. And if your blog gets

How To Monitor Hosted PBX

If you are still using an on-premises based PBX, you’re likely already aware that it’s a pretty simple matter to monitor that phone system. What if you have a need to monitor, though, and

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