How to Download iOS 11 Beta 6 OTA without Developer Account

Apple pushes iOS 11 beta 6 for registered developers today just after the weekly release of beta 5 release of…

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ark survival game

5 Tips and Tricks To Perfectly Play Ark Survival Game

It is one of the trending game in the gaming world. And it is all about how you Survival and…

baby food processor

Pros Of Having Your Own Baby Food Processor

If you are a busy parent, the idea of making your baby’s food instead of shopping for pre-made food may…

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Augmented Reality In Everyday Life

With the advancement in technology, the phase of education is experiencing a revolution and making the students fall in love…

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blog monetization

Turn Your Blog into a Money Making Business

Blog monetization has become increasingly popular over the last 10 years. While previously people used to run a blog as…


3 Simple Steps to import iTunes purchased Movies & Music for playback at Will

You may find it hard to import the iTunes purchased movies and music on any other device. Sometimes, you feel…

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10 Best Waterproof Headphones With Price

If you are looking for waterproof headphones that will allow you to do swimming and other sports activity while you…


4 Reasons Why You Should Be Commenting on Top Blogs

Who would have thought I’d enjoy a free box of ghee-based sweets in Chennai, India through the power of blog…

smartphone industry

Chinese Aggression In Indian Smartphone Industry – A Tech War?

We’re not talking about technological warfare in this article. But, in a way, there is an ongoing battle between Indian…

rooted apps

Top 10 Apps You Must Have For A Rooted Android Device

Hey android lovers, do you love to root your android devices and customizing them and looking for some awesome apps…

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