WhatsApp Video Calling Is Soon To Be Launched

So, finally after the release of voice calling feature in WhatsApp last year, the application has integrated a new feature to the android platform last month and on IPhone last week. Vice calling feature

Amazon’s New Game Engine With its Features

Code named Amazon Lumberyard, it has come to stir the competition in gaming engine. This may come as a shocker to a many people as Amazon is widely known for as an online selling

Management of Digital Security in Enterprise Organizations

An engineer is looking to get hold of copyrighted drafts for a particular project, while on the job, and easily prints the required documents. Although he might not have the requisite permission to edit

The 5 Skills Every Entrepreneur Must Have

You might read several books delivering the tips and tricks of the trade, graduate from the best business school or even learn from the best sources and mentors but let’s face it, some skills

Study Helper – Phone Locker App Review

Do you find yourself being constantly distracted by the endless stream of calls, texts or social media notifications coming from your phone? It is quite difficult for one to study under such disturbing conditions.

Brigge – The New Socialiser

How long has it been since you have dusted and paddled your fancy bicycle? Cycling around the long, empty roads lined with green trees has been on your mind since a long time, but

Masked – Anonymous Dating App Review

For most individuals, meeting other people is usually an awkward or frustrating experience for them. Occasionally, people tend to conceal their true personalities and try to put across an image that they presume to

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Contrary to popular belief, screen capture isn’t something that is solely the premise of video content creators. While it is true that screen capture has always been viewed as a great way to create

Best Apps for the Professional Women

These apps are recommended for working women helping them save time and money. They are convenient and help women be able to handle many tasks simultaneously. As a woman you have so many responsibilities

iPhone app Budget Sense Review

With so many expenses and the cost of living going up each and every day, it can become quite difficult to keep track of your money. Managing money is not easy especially if you