Top 10 Productivity Apps For Entrepreneurs

Apps are essential for everyone, no matter what you’re into, no matter what you do, no matter what you like. They are the soul of every smartphone. Without them, there isn’t much point in owning a smartphone. In such a short amount of time, the numbers of apps and the types of apps have skyrocketed and helping us to increase efficiency, productivity and many more. The following is a list of ten productivity apps that all entrepreneurs should check you.

10) Humin

Humin” is basically your personal digital butler that reminds you of all the tiny details about how and where you met someone, when you met them and what you did. All you need is that person’s phone number and Humin will do the rest. Just say familiar phrases such as “met yesterday” or “lives downtown” and Humin will look up everyone that fits those criteria. It’s like Siri for your contacts. Best thing about this butler is that it’s free and you can get it right now on iOS.

Download Humin from iTune

9) Paper

Paper” by Fifty Three (weirdest dev name ever by the way) is just as useful as it is beautiful. It’s a sketching app that allows you to sketch your ideas and store them in your iPad. It’s handy when you’re at a coffee shop and then you suddenly have an architectural idea that will define how buildings will look like in the future but it’s also useful when you’re just doodling away to pass your time. Paper comes packed with a variety of brushes and pen styles to give you that freedom you need to accurately depict your sketching of the USS Enterprise. Imagine owning an infinite number of canvases, infinite amount of ink, several different brushes and pens, unlimited shelves to store your masterpieces and ideas all for free – that’s what Paper is.

Download Paper from iTune

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8) Evernote

Evernote” is like THE online memo pad. It’s an online collection of everything you want to remember and can store anything from notes and reminders to photos, places you’ve been, PDF files and much more. It’s easily accessible and its indexing feature is marvelous. You can use multiple devices to access it and it’s all on the cloud meaning Evernote is with you everywhere you go. Had a meeting? Jot down how it went. Have a meeting? Jot down where it’s going to be. You can even use it in coalition with Paper. Store your sketches on Evernote and caption where you drew it and why etc. Evernote free on basically everything, Android and iOS included, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting where you’ve kept it.

Download Evernote from iTune

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7) Triage

Triage” is your savior that was sent to you for the sole purpose of cleaning your inbox. We all know how it is: you create an email account, you start using it own websites, then you start getting spam, you delete those spam and everything’s fine and dandy, but then you get ever more spam and at that point, you just quit and let your inbox be writhed with filth. Triage helps by getting rid of those spam emails and fills your inbox with only the things you actually need. It’s easily worth the $1.99 price tag.

Download Triage from iTune

6) Timeful

Timeful” is what you’d get if you mixed a calendar app, a to-do list, and a very smart AI. The sophisticated algorithm behind the app learns how you get things done and what kinds of things you do. With all that information, it then suggests how you should get an activity done and it can even suggest activities for you. Timeful is on the borderline of being so cool, it’s actually scary. All of that for free? Seems like a no-brainer to me.

Download Timeful from iTune

5) Sunrise

Sunrise” is an aptly named calendar app that uses information from your social media sites (such as Facebook events) and just, well, jots it down for you. Made an event on Facebook to go to see Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on Wednesday at 4:50 pm ? Yea, don’t worry about it; Sunrise has already got it covered. It’s ridiculously simple to use and once you’ve used it, it becomes hard to stop. You’ll be finding yourself dependent on its simplicity and effectiveness. Sunrise is free on iOS and android.

Download Sunrise from iTune

4) Day one

Day One” is just the app you were looking for as a physical diary/journal replacement. The app turns your usual journal into modern classy software you can use from any iOS device for just $4.99. Day One can access weather forecasts and knows your location to keep record of your daily events. If you feel particularly good on certain days, you can also share it with your friends. The best thing about this app I find is that it’s always there. Whenever you find something cool, you can just bring out your iPhone and get it over with.

Download Day One from iTune

3) Note plus

Note Plus” has got to be one of my favourite note apps purely because of the fact that you can your use handwriting to make notes. If you have a stylus then one could see why you’d be interested in this app – it turns even your lousiest handwriting into loads of different types of fonts. You can select images and drawings to really give a “note-ish” feel to it. It’s all about aesthetics. You can get it for $9.99 on iOS.

Download Note Plus from iTune

2) Gmail

It’s hard to not include Gmail. It’s so obvious but it’s still the best “email app” out there and arguably the best email period. With all the effort put into it by Google on its categorizing features and simplicity and themes, it’s hard to not like Gmail. It’s everything you’d want from an email. You also don’t have to worry about spam in your inbox – it is really good at working out what you, as in you the user, consider spam and not what computers consider spam. It also organizes all incoming emails. For example, if you’re getting Facebook feeds, you won’t find them in your primary inbox; it will be in the social tag etc. The fact that it’s free and it’s by Google pretty much all the extra incentive you need to install it.

Download Gmail from iTune

1) Google drive

Google Drive” is my favorites online cloud storage program. Its accessibility is one of the main reasons I love it. You can upload files from your computer and download those files onto your phone. It’s simple, it’s smooth, and it’s just great. If you have a document you need to save, then Google Drive is the place to save it because then you can access that document from literally any device and even share it and edit it with your friends simultaneously. Not to mention you get 15GB of free storage. There are tons, and I mean TONS, of extensions for Google Drive that will help you become engrossed with Google and everything it does. It’s like Microsoft Office but free and online.

Download Google Drive from iTune

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