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How to Start your Own Blog in Minute

Having a blog is very advantageous and fun. It enables you to share your experiences and thoughts to others. From your blog, you can get new friends and acquaintances. And if your blog gets

Gaming in Responsive Sites to Webby Sites

Year 2013 was called the ‘year of responsive web design’ by one of the leading websites the ‘Mashable’. People around the world had become smarter and with coming up of new technology and apps,

Improvising Quality and Productivity with Increased Accuracy in Underwriting

Improving customer experience can go a long way. Yes, it’s true, when think of the people who will benefit from say a better interface, a better user platform or even a better experience while

Why Should You Check a Domain Before Finalizing its Purchase?

Domain check is crucial for a business that aims to succeed. The domain name is the identification name given to the web address of a particular website. Websites are mostly known by their domain

Top 8 WordPress Plugins for eCommerce Sites

WordPress is arguably a singled out blogging platform on the Internet, despite there being no dearth of impressive open-source platforms as well. You can wager to have a good time setting up your site

Blogging Or Blog: A Boon For Business Owners

There was a time when there was nothing known as blog. Today, there are thousands of blogs on the web and are created everyday. Some create it for fun; some create it for serious

5 Important Factors To Increase The Usability Of A Website

Usability sells like a commodity and to improve user experience you have to pay attention to your website design.  A great website design incorporates a great user experience and usability related to how easy

What Makes A Successful Blog?

In these crazy days, it looks like everyone has his own blog. Some do that blogging for the passion, while some think about making money on their writing. But there’s one thing that unites

Depositphotos – The Best Stock Photo Agencies You Can Trust

DepositPhotos is one of the best stock photos agencies that you can trust on the internet to get that unique photo you need for your blog or website. With thousands of beautiful photos, illustrations,

Copyright versus Trademarks: What Are the Key Differences?

Intellectual property is a thorny field even for legal experts – not to mention for the ‘layman’ who has created something and is simply seeking to protect their ownership rights over their own creation.