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EaseUS Partition Magic

Partition of hard drive is something that most users, who doesn’t have that much of a technical knowledge, assume unimportant. It is not due to the reason that they are not aware of the

Zapporoo Review: The Ideal Solutions to Application Development

The technology development sector is currently being dominated by the application development of all the platforms.This is because now even the desktop OS are adopting an application based style and design. All the service

10 Incredible Features From U&Me Messenger That You Don’t Wanna miss

U&Me Messenger is a mobile chat app that allows users to message and stay connected with their friends across mobile platforms. It is a free to download application that is available on Google Play,

Top 10 Antivirus Software for Your PC

Antivirus program is believed to be the lifeline of PC. It protects the PC from malicious attacks and other harmful viruses. Most of the antivirus programs work against the malwares. An antivirus program must

BhashSMS – Making Bulk SMS Technology Viable

BhashSMS powerful bulk SMS technology can handle all your business needs and also the API’s are very easy to integrate with any IT applications. The technology based on bulk SMS service with dedicated customer

Bitdefender Mobile Security Review

This piece of software is one of the greatest security applications for Android. Brought to you by industry veterans Bitdefender Antivirus, the app brings good malware protection and some anti theft tools to the

How Can I Improve My App?

There is more competition than ever in the world of mobile and desktop applications. Even if you have a great service, there are still some improvements that you can likely make in order to

Ways to Protect Yourself from Data Theft

With the developing technology today, identity theft has become a major issue. Identity theft is a crime involving use of another person’s identity including user names, passwords, banking information, credit card numbers and other

Aimersoft Review

Aimersoft is one of the best leaders in the field of DVD and video software, which is ruling the video & DVD software market since 7 years. It is a multimedia software provider that

Sustainable CD Packaging- Recent Trend In Duplication Business

Enhancing number of CD and DDV for different purposes releases every year, the duplication and replication have turned into a booming business for most of the optical media firms. Such firms purchase DVD’s and