3 Simple Steps to import iTunes purchased Movies & Music for playback at Will

You may find it hard to import the iTunes purchased movies and music on any other device. Sometimes, you feel helpless in such a situation. You might have purchased a number of songs and music from iTunes, but now you are unable to transfer it to other devices. But don’t worry, WinX MediaTrans – the best iTunes alternative for Windows, is an effective solution that allows you to connect your iDevice with any Windows device and play the movies or music at your will on the device. Let’s have a brief insight about this awesome software tool.

WinX MediaTrans – A Brief Knowhow

It is efficient software that has made it easier to manage your iPhone/iPad on Windows platform. WinX MediaTrans is responsible for establishing a connection between your PC and iDevice and enables the direct two-way transfer which is as simple as copy-paste command in Windows. You need not use Apple ID, all media stored on your device including books, photos, movies, and music can be transferred securely to the Windows PC. WinX MediaTrans makes your iTunes purchases playable on any non-apple device.


Why you should Use WinX MediaTrans?

iTunes really frustrate the PC users. Now, you need not get confused with the complexity of iTunes. Start using WinX MediaTrans and get rid of all the difficulties. There are some of the reasons why you should be using these tools:

  • One-Click Install: You can get WinX MediaTrans ready on the PC with just one click. Download and install the software instantly.
  • User Friendly: This software is specifically designed for the PC users and provides easy navigation options.
  • Quick Connection: You just need to plugin the phone and its will get connected to the PC with just a blink of eye.
  • Managing iPhone/iPad Becomes Easier: A user can easily manage the iPhone/iPad by editing, organizing, and transferring the files easily.
  • Auto Convert: Its auto-convert feature is really interesting. The iPhone only recognizes the QuickTime video formats. So, when you are transferring the videos from PC to iPhone, the tool will automatically convert them into MP4 format.

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3 Simple Steps to import iTunes purchased Movies & Music to Windows PC/Laptop

You might want to transfer your iTunes purchased music and movies to Windows PC/Laptop. But it is not possible without the use of software like WinX MediaTrans. Here is the 3-step guide to transfer iTunes purchased movies or music to your Windows PC.

  • You must download and install WinX MediaTrans software on your laptop/PC and connect your iPhone/iPad to the computer using USB cable. The software will automatically recognize your iPhone/iPad before scanning the data.

Step 1: Click the “Video Manager” and turn to the pop up Windows showing your entire movie video list. Here you can see all your purchase movies are marked as DRM. Choose the one you want to copy and then the option “Export” will turn clickable.


Step 2:  And then, there will be a kind reminds that it is encrypted and suggest you to Decode it. Click the green Decode button and WinX MediaTrans will decrypt the DRM movie/video and store it in your destination folder.


Step 3: Now, Hit ‘Sync’ then press ‘Continue’ and within 10 seconds you will be able to transfer a video from iPhone/iPad to computer/laptop and vice versa.

The Last Words

With WinX MediaTrans, you can fully manage your purchased movie/videos from iTunes and play it on other devices like Android mobile. The most amazing thing is that it does not need Apple ID.  Share these purchase movie can be very easy.  WinX MediaTrans is a superb tool to import media from iTunes or iDevice to Windows PC/laptop and vice versa.  If you have been facing difficulties in this type of transfer over the years then you must try this tool.

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