Who will Acquire RIM

In 2007, Research in Motion was at the height of its success, praised as Canada’s most profitable company and the clear market leader in mobile technology. But in just five short years, RIM now finds itself at a crossroads. With stock prices trading at record lows and crumbling investor confidence, RIM is now charged with the task of overturning its rapid decline. Many different strategic options are on the table, but which one will RIM pursue?One option that has sparked much conversation is the possibility of an acquisition. Experts acknowledge that RIM still retains value and could be a strategic acquisition target. In the last five years, RIM has worked hard to build its market share, user base and intellectual property assets, particularly in the enterprise space. Even at the most conservative estimates, which exclude cash on hand estimates, RIM’s enterprise value is estimated to be worth $4.2 billion.


[Via: Firmex Virtual Data Rooms: Who will Acquire RIM?]

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