WhatsApp Video Calling Is Soon To Be Launched

So, finally after the release of voice calling feature in WhatsApp last year, the application has integrated a new feature to the android platform last month and on IPhone last week. Vice calling feature was appreciated by all the WhatsApp users as it is the most commonly used application all over the world and people find it easy to stay in contact with each other by using WhatsApp.

So after launching the voice calling feature on Facebook the owner of WhatsApp is now integrating the video calling feature on WhatsApp which is going to be too useful for the users and might replace the long use Skype application from many devices. If this feature comes in May then it will be a tough competition for Skype and other different video calling services like Hangout and Viber.

whatsapp video calling

Facebook Messenger :

Facebook has financed a lot of cash to take WhatsApp and gained a large number of audiences from it and they plan to use it every new feature and Facebook messengers also plans to integrate WhatsApp with it. Facebook messenger is also available for Facebook web messenger, similarly WhatsApp web is also available for those users who don’t wish to use their phone for chatting and can enjoy their conversations while typing on the keyboard.

A recent report claimed that WhatsApp is all ready to roll out their free WhatsApp video calling feature, somewhere in May. According to the report, the messaging app has already trailed out the video calling feature for its employees.

This unexpected feature will originally be accessible for certain Android users who are in reality the staffs of the corporation and sometime in future this feature will be available for the other devices as well.

So, what opinion do you guys have about this new WhatsApp video calling feature? Please do share your views with me in the comment section below.

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  1. Whatsapp is already a great piece of software and this will just make it even greater, I wasn’t aware this feature was even coming so thank you.

  2. Its looks like whatsapp is taking its services to next level
    And after encyption facility it will be big milestone for whatsapp to have video call feature enabled.
    Overall it is celebration time for whatsapp users

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