What Does The Future Hold For The Internet On Smartphones?

Today’s smartphones have so much expertise behind them, they are in actual fact being described as mini computers. From email capabilities and high-end internet browsers to cameras that match up to that of the digital variants, there is a lot to love when it comes to mobile phones in the 21st Century.

The modern smartphone

Today’s smartphones have already come on leaps and bounds, boasting to be both a customisable and flexible device. Despite this, technology is still evolving and just as we seem to have the latest models in our hands, a newer version is released. This often leaves us with a number of unwanted handsets; nonetheless, just because they are unwanted to you, this doesn’t make them worthless.

There are a number of online venues at our disposal, many of which boast to safely recycle old mobile phones. The Blackberry is one such device that has evolved greatly in the past few years, leaving users with a number of older variants in their possession. In order to sell blackberry curve 9360 and other similar handsets, you’ll need to find a site which offers a recycling or exchange service.

Text messaging for free

smartphone features

Text messaging is a wonderful thing, especially if you are unable to make a call yet still wish to relay a certain element of information. No longer do you need to spend ages on the phone listening to the idle gossip. Texts allow us to get certain messages across quickly and efficiently. And, with the introduction of internet-based texts, including that of WhatsApp, Viber and iMessage, consumers no longer need to be connected to a network in order to keep in touch with friends and family.

This is also a very inexpensive method of keeping in touch with a person; letting them know you are safe, stopping parents worrying when you decide to travel half way across the world and keeping in touch with a partner, which makes this innovated device a magic invention, and one that most people couldn’t do without.

An innovative touchscreen

In recent years we’ve swapped keyboards for touchscreen displays, which appears to be an extremely advanced way to operate a phone. However, there have been talks of furthering this control in order to include hand gestures. Many of today’s smartphones appear as a black flat screen, which only comes to life when the user touches a certain area of this screen.

Advances in technology

The internet allows us to find the exact locations of our friends and family prior to even speaking to them using the likes of ‘Find My Friends’ – an application available to a number of smartphones. And if you lose your phone, you can track it from your tablet or PC.

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  1. Advancements in mobile phone technology has pushed mobile phone design even further, today there are smartphones running Intel Atom processors and can compete with PC in both RAM and Hard disk memory capabilities. As the growth of Smartphones keep increasing, more internet users will rely on mobile phones more to surf the web because the devices are getting faster and better. I will say the future is bright for both.

  2. Hi Angela and Shameem,

    I am still not too Smart Phone savvy – OK I have ZERO knowledge of them lol – but I can see such a bright future for these devices because of the worldwide adoption rate.

    I chatted with a dude from El Salvador on the plane ride back home from Peru on Wednesday and he had a souped up Smart Phone, and honestly, the guy did not work a super high paying job. These apps are becoming cheaper, adoption rates are increasing and the deeper delving into internet capabilities will continue as more folks purchase these neat little devices.

    Thanks for sharing guys!!


  3. Hi Shameem,
    Smart phones have really astonished the world with their lovely features. These days, things get done easier and faster with smart phones and I foresee better days ahead of smartphones.

  4. Technologies are now getting into our hand, and it makes devices become more smaller.May be in future there may be lots of changes.there may be better solution than smartphones. 🙂

  5. From some recent news. There was the first phone sent to space. Well, developer who has something up to with that project maybe wanted to prove some interesting things. Well, back in the reality, my phone is my powerful tool when blogging comes as my hobby.

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