Enjoy New Year with Unique Entertainment Apps

Have you recently purchased a smartphone or iPhone on the Christmas and New Year season? Well, you can make the most of your mobile as the world of smartphones apps will surely entice you. There is a wide plethora of entertainment apps that you can download to your mobile phone and enjoy everyday. 

Whether you want apps that can help you manage your social network profile or you are looking for apps to organize and edit your photos or you want to stock in the best of Hollywood music, you can pick some of the best apps to entertain yourself.

Here are some of the best entertainment apps you can download:

SlingPlayer Mobile

This wonderful entertainment app allows you to watch your favourite TV shows and programs anywhere, live or even recorded. The controlling and setting your TV was never so easy. With this app, you can even catch up the latest hit stories and that makes a compelling reason for users to purchase this app.

Tap Tap Revenge 2

If you are a gaming enthusiast, this app is certainly going to entice you. The most addictive app gives you an opportunity to play Tap Tap Revenge 2 in a unique way. TTR2 comes with enhanced graphics and effects and the free app also gives a chance to download catalogue of over 150 free songs.

unique entertainment apps

Pandora Mobile

The wonderful app is available on iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and other smartphones. Amongst the wide number of music discovery apps, Pandora Mobile app allows users to listen to their personalized radio stations they create on the service’s site. Pandora Mobile can analyse the musical taste of any music lover and then launches a station that can let users to explore their favourite genre. Everything that users rate, create, or even bookmark on Pandora Mobile will be appearing the next time they would return to the Web.

Fleurop App

Flowers have always been the best sources to express the heartiest emotions. Fleurop is another app that lets users to send beautiful flower bouquets to their loved ones with or without a reason. This app is user-friendly and makes extremely easier for users at home to explore a wide range of flowers and send to their loved ones.

Enjoy New Year with the amazing entertainment apps.

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  1. Hello Shameem,

    I don’t know any of these apps before I read the article. I installed some of these apps. They are so entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing some awesome app 🙂

  2. Hello Shameem,

    It’s really nice post to enjoy new year with the help of these entertainment apps.I will try these apps on my smartphone. Thanks for listing these apps….

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