Universal Top Tech Trends of 2015

The verdict is out even before we have fully settled into the New Year and experts are of the belief that the following technologies will rule the corporate turf in 2015. Let us take a look at the top tech trends of 2015 that would make businesses leaner, smarter and profitable. 

Cloud/Client Computing – Mobile and cloud computing is going to propel the rise of centralized applications that can be used on any device. Cloud is going to usher in an era of scalable and self-service computing applications that can be extended to any device. The network and bandwidth costs might be favouring the apps but at the end of the day it is cloud computing that would lead to an effective and efficient computing. 

Computing – The growth of mobile devices and their users have led the industry experts into believing that this year the focus will be more on the needs of the mobile user than on the devices. The computing environment has been extended to mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops. The overall environment is poised to adapt to the needs of the mobile users. Organizations can expect a rise in management challenges for the IT companies that will slowly lose control over the endpoint devices.

client computing

The Internet of Things (IoT) – Internet of Things has been doing the rounds for quite some time and major organizations around the world haven’t given it due importance. However, the IT companies will have to create new strategies in order to manage multiple devices and put in place business models that would make optimum use of these devices. Organizations will be required to run higher number of IT projects in the organization and at the same time encourage the employees to come up with improved solutions. 

3D Printing–3D printers are all the rage and the shipments of these devices is going to register a growth of 98 percent in the year 2015. 3D printing devices are going to be in demand in the coming years and the demand for low cost printing devices too will also grow pretty quickly.

Advanced, Pervasive and Invisible Analytics–Data generated by a variety of systems in the organization will increase by manifolds and there would be a huge pool of data both within and outside the company that would have to be analyzed. All applications have to now turn into an analytical application. Organizations have to find out new ways to not only filer the large amount of data from social media, IoT as well as wearable devices. The extreme filtering and analysis will lead to delivering the right information to the desired user.

Context-Rich Systems – The embedded intelligence when combined with the pervasive analytics results in the development of solutions or systems which are alert to the surroundings and respond appropriately. Context-rich systems will have to be put in place in order to get a hang of the context of a user request. Applications will have to the security response by understanding the context of the request and deliver the right information thus making it really simple for the general users.

Smart Machines–The smart machines are going to use the deep analytics and the understanding of the context. Along with this advanced algorithms will be used for understanding the environment, learning and acting with any human intervention. Smart machines already exist in the form of advanced robots, smart advisors, autonomous vehicles etc. These are going to evolve and create a world were machines will turn out to be smarter friends of human beings.

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  1. Interesting post. Smart Machines are always my interest, looking forward for few of these technologies. thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you like it Sathish yes it will be interesting if we have an smart machine but do mind in future life became depends on machine.

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