Top Five Mobile Applications for Your Android

Today mobile phones are offering more than just the communication. You can use endless applications for entertainment in your spare time. With the android apps, it is possible to enhance the functionality of your smart phone. Here are five top mobile apps for your android and iPhone.

Funny Call:

Funny call application has given a new level to prank telephone call. With the application you can make prank calls anywhere in the universe. There is a voice manager for making necessary alterations in your voice. The application makes you sure that other person could not identify you. You can try this amazing application on your phone for free.

Little Empire:

Make an empire and take it everywhere you go. The application works amazingly with Android smart phone and you can download this application this for free.

SMS and Remote Call Tracker:

The name of application speaks itself how it works. The application tracks phone calls and SMS coming to your smart phone. The tracking includes everything like sender’s details and time. The application is free to download and use. The application is suitable with all types of smart phone including your smart phone or iPhone.

Image Studio Auto Sketch:

mobile android applications

If you are a Facebook lover then you must be familiar with photo sharing concept also. Millions of people share their pictures with popular social media websites like Facebook and Twitter regularly. If you are also one of then you can do more with Image Studio Auto Sketch application. You can customize existing picture for making it more attractive and interesting. You can also add painting effects with the Image Studio Auto Sketch application. This is the best way to keep your friends impressed and entertain with your special effects in pictures.

Asphalt 6 Adrenaline:

If you are getting your skills from auto racing, you are definitely going to like Asphalt 6 Adrenaline application. The application is much more interesting as compared to other boxing or racing games available online. The application opens a collection of 42 racing games from different manufacturers in front of you. You can run up to six players in a single pass. There are 55 events in total. Blackberry users can enjoy this amazing application on their mobile phone until transmission continues to blow.

Here are only five popular mobile applications from collection. You can browse more applications over the web for taking new experience with your mobile phone.

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