Top 5 Siri alternatives for Android Users

Apple released its iPhone 4S in 2011, the only advancement on the iPhone was the upgrade to iOS 5 Operating System, and what Apple based its market on is the new Voice assistance it just introduced called Siri, the Siri remained the drive of Apple even till it released the iOS 6 some months ago, and it is one of the features on its iPhone 5, iPad mini and the rest.

Let’s say you belong to the group that doesn’t really get freaked about Apple, or resist its product because of the high price it usually attach to its products, or you belong to the group that subscribe to the iOS rival, Android, is there anything for you to serve as a Siri alternative?

Top Android platform Siri alternatives

Google Voice Action

Google is the owner of the Android platform; it has its own Voice assistant on the Android 2.2 and upwards. This siri alternative is a free voice search application that enables you to call command for your device, you can ask the application to send an SMS, Email, play music, do Google search, give directions etc.

The only challenge with this Siri alternative on Android is that it doesn’t understand natural language, as well as requiring a bit of on-screen touch to make it work.


Maluuba was launched in early september, it is a voice assistant developed by Sam Pasupalak and Co, maluuba took a framework from Siri, and it comes first on the Android and other platforms, the developer looks forward to extends the services of this siri alternative to the iOS itself.

mobile voice assistance

Maluuba understands your natural language, transcribes it to relevant results geographically that can help in your daily schedules, this Siri alternative understands while you speak the way you will speak to your friend.

Vlingo Virtual Assistant

Vlingo is similar to Siri, and it is rated as the best on Android platform, this Siri alternative on Android lets you send emails and text messages, update your Facebook and Twitter status, finds you nearest businesses and restaurants, buy movie ticket, open up apps and more.

The app is also enabled with hand free In Car mode, and responds to you whenever you say, “Hi Vlingo!” This Siri alternative is not that as cool as Siri, and it’s not in the iOS platform.

Vlingo has it app also built for Nokia, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.

Sonalight Text by Voice

This app works for Android 2.2 and later, it does whatever you tell it to do, the Siri alternative will draft you a message with your voice.  This app is very good for drivers; you can easily send a call or text message without lifting your hand off the steering.

This great voice assistance can also read back messages, the siri alternative is free, but the full features can’t be explored except you upgrade to a premium of $20 per year. The developer says the monetization may soon change.

These are great Apple Siri alternatives that you can utilize on your Android.

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