Top 5 Free WordPress Author Box Plugins

Today it’s becoming more popular to have an author box in all blogs. Now a day most of the blogs have an author box at the end of the post. Managing a multi author blog is quite tough. When you manage a multi author blog you need to spend more time for managing authors, reviewing articles and scheduling articles. Most of us are aware of author box and its importance to manage a multi author blog. There are hundreds of WordPress plugins are available to manage multi author blogs. Here I lit you few top WordPress plugins that will help you run a multi-author site more efficiently. 

Social Author Bio:

This plugin automatically adds an author bio box with social icons and Gravatar on each of your posts. As it name implies it fully confuses on social media profiles.This plugin comes with more than 15 profile links. Thus you can easily customize them. The plugin has some added features like author bio comes along with gravatar and it shows the  number of posts by author. The social author Bio looks like

looking for guest authors

Author Bio Widget:

The author Bio widget displays the basic information of the page being  viewed or  some information about the author. The widget settings include a custom title and size option for the gravatar, which is nothing but the profile picture size.

Author Bio Widget

Better Author Bio:

It is simple, neat and elegant.This is one of the best author box plugin i have ever seen as it do not require any coding. This is easy to install and configure.It has many features like, it displays number of posts written by an author, author blog link and many more.

Better Author Bio

Author Sure:

Author Sure works on single and multiple author sites. This plugin creates a link between your home page and google plus, so that you can be linked  from your home page to your Google plus page of your product, organization or brand. It makes it easier to get a Google Authorship Verification.

Author Sure

Fancier Author Box:

This plugin is used for multi author blogs.The features of this plugin allow you to link to your latest posts as well as author posts. Since with the help of this you can show or hide your latest post. This WordPress plugin also comes with paid version. Thus it has an added  features like Facebook, twitter, Google plus. It is easy to enable and it can be customized easily.

Fancier Author Box

Custom About Author:

This plugin is perfect for those who have multiple bloggers in their website and each of them does not have a user account. The plugin acknowledges the authors for their post by providing a brief biography about them at the end of their posts.This plugin can be easily configured with social media sites like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and Google +.

Custom About Author

Author Box Reloaded:

Author Box Reloaded

This plugins allows the authors to define links to the external social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Identi.CA, LinkedIn. This plugin will appear as a clickable icon at the front end of the page.

Hope these wordpress author box plugins helps you to make your blog more pleasant..

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