Top 10 Book Writing Software To Unleash The Novelist In You

Writing is an art but when one takes on the task of authoring a book, the whole business of words becomes so much more complicated.A book writing software should put things in perspective. It should help you through the technicalities of writing a book, so that even if you are doing this for the first time, it would seem as if you are doing it like a pro.Here I’ve listed top 10 book writing software lists.

Online Book Writing Software List

10. FastPencil

This is a free online book writing software that makes the whole process seem fun and simple. Write your books with FastPencil and apart from getting all the help you need with writing, you can also enjoy 80% royalties credited straight to your dashboard and access to a variety of distribution channels such as Kindle, Kobo, Nook, Apple iBookstore, Ingram Digital, Barnes and Noble and more.

9. Lit Lift

Lit Lift is an online book writing software that is more than just a software because it also allows you to connect with other users and get reviews and feedback from them.

The software offers you a perfect writing environment, so that you could be more productive and creative. There is a reason why over 26,000 authors choose Lit Lift—you should too.

8. Marshall Plan Novel Writing Software

If you want complete assistance for your writing, this book writing software will work perfectly by guiding you every step of the way.Simply enter the details of your book and the software will send you it’s complete template. This book writing software supports texts written in any language.

Price: $150 (free 30-day trial)

7. NewNovelist

This book writing software for Windows will help you complete your book in record time. It is like having a co-writer; you can get advice, receive assistance in planning and research, and provides useful templates that you can apply on your work.

Enjoy tools such as a spell checker, notes handling, story boarding, speech read back and so forth. Put your words to life and preview your finished product with the Graphical Visualizer.

Price: $47.99

online book writing software

6. PageFour

PageFor is a perfect software for novelists and creative writers. Whether you need help organizing your thoughts; assistance with your character summaries, plot outlines notes and chapters; support while you are juggling 3 or 4 books at the same time—PageFour is what you need.

It has an automatic save feature, complete with snapshots and allows you to scan your work for over used phrases and words. It is fairly straightforward and easy to use.

Price: $39.00 

5. Scrivener

Literature and Latte introduces Scrivener, a book writing software which is Windows 8.1 and Mac OS X version ready. Whether you access it on your notebook or desktop, Scivener transforms into your writing studio complete with a virtual corkboard and functions such as multiple editing, outlining, scriptwriting and snapshots.Scrivener provides  tools you need from writing the manuscript to publishing, so that you do not need anything else.

Price: $40 (with free trial)

4. Story Blue

Story Blue is an easy-to-use book writing software that helps you organize your notes, write without distractions, track your progress and stay motivated. It is a unique system that gives exactly what you need, so that you can create masterpieces that you did not even think you are capable of.

Price: $29.99 (with free trial) 

3. Writers Blocks  

When you choose to work with Writer’s Blocks, you not only will get to finish your book, but you will go through the whole process smoothly and in record speed.

Just enter your ideas, arrange and drag them around your story board, and with one click, you can instantly receive a complete manuscript of your book. Write your story, going from block to block, until the complete masterpiece is done.

Price: $149.00 to $159.00 (with free 90-day trial)

2. Writer’s Café

Writer’s Cafe is a comprehensive book writing software that boasts of the following tools: storylines planning, advice, research and note tools and so many others. It has a journal so that you can keep track of your daily thoughts and ideas; a scrapbook and pinboard to display your ideas; a bookshelf, name generator, writing tips and all the basic features you could expect from a writing software.


If you are writing a book and you need help through it, YWriter is the perfect book writing software. It helps keep track of your work and progress; helps to break your work into chapters and scenes; and even get advice on how to let the plot flow. It is completely free and definitely reliable, even for first-time novelists.

To some people, words are quite simple and they flow out profusely, enough to complete a book. Writing a novel, however, is so much more than just putting words on paper.

With the help of a book writing software you can bring your imaginations to life and fulfill your dreams of becoming a writer. Would you like to become a novelist?

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    Great article! I’m very interested in publishing at least one book next year. That is one of my goals. It’s nice to know that there is free software as well as paid software that you can use.

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