7 Tools for Stopping Comment Spam in WordPress

Are you tired of spam comments on your WordPress blog? Many bloggers face the same problem. With the 90% of the comments being spam, it is very irritating to knock out these spam comments. You don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. You must have searched many times to know how you can stop these spam comments. We have gathered solution to your problem. You will not be disappointed here. Here in this post, we are listing the essential tools to obstruct the spam comments on your WordPress blog. Use these tools to combat the spam comments.

  1. Anti-spam Bee

This tool is suggested by WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg himself. So it will not be wrong decision to choose this tool. Anti-spam bee blocks the comments by blacklisting the IP addresses. The tool is smart enough to do database optimization and trackback validations. Here you can also create your own algorithm to detect the spam comments.

stop comment spam

  1. CleanTalk

This is the cloud-based service available for the WordPress bloggers to protect their blog from spam comments. It is a premium online tool. Blogger can get a detailed statistics and log of all the comments. With the trial period of 2 weeks, you can continue to use the tool by paying a reasonable charge for a year.

  1. WordPress Zero Spam

If you want a simple plugin to stop spam comment, then this is the best tool for you. The tool works with the client and server side validation of JS (JavaScript). It will automatically block the users who don’t have browsers enabled with JavaScript.

  1. GASP (Gromap Anti Spambot Plugin)

GASP do a simple thing, it adds a checkbox on the form to be checked. Clicking on this check box will prove that this is a human action or not. It’s a free tool. With effectiveness, it is also a lightweight tool.

  1. Stop Spammers Spam prevention

This plugin is a multitasking tool. It can block skin up forms and can also block spam comments. The plugin is programmed to block IPs from more than 100 countries. It gives a warning page to the spammer i.e. human or machine before blocking. After this warning page tool gives a captcha.

  1. WP-SpamShield Anti-Spam

This tool is the topmost choice to stop the spam comments. This is an anti-spam plugin. The tool comes free of cost. It works efficiently to the last degree. This tool doesn’t provide any type of checkbox or captcha to prove that this is a human. It directly blocks the proxy server users.

  1. Askimet

This tool comes with the WordPress installation free of cost. Askimet is developed by Automattic. The tool is much powerful to create its own spam detection algorithm. It keeps the spam comments marked by you and detect them in future automatically. Only genuine comments are published on your blog while all others are maintained in the comment log.

Using these tools you can get rid of spam comments on your WordPress blog. Choose wisely the right tool for your blog. Give them a trial before buying to get the task done satisfactorily.

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  1. Hello Preet,

    Thank you so much for putting this post together.

    So far I’ve only used Akismet on my blogs to help prevent spam, but some spam comments still make it through.

    I’ll be sure to check all of these resources out!

    Thank you,
    Kevin Ocasio

  2. Hi Shameem,

    Your list of anti – spam wp plugins is great. Even I am facing comment spam issues, will certainly make use of the plugins you have mentioned above.

    Thanks Again!
    Gaurav Jain

  3. @Shameem I am using Askimet, the best ever WordPress Plugin which identifying the spam comments automatically and taking action with them. I will suggest for Askimet WordPress Plugin, available for free and pro version.

  4. Hey shameem I am using Askimet for my blog. Do you think I need any other anti spam program on my wordpress? I want to keep minimum amount of plugins on my wordpress blog

  5. Great post. This will help bloggers weed out fake traffic so they produce the most quality content to the most organic and real blogging communities.

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