Three Common Website Hosting Issues And How To Solve Them

Whether you run an international company that does business on the largest scale or a local business that deals only with local clients, there are common problems that all businesses face. Some of those problems require immediate addressing as to not alter the day to day operations of the business. 

A Common Website Hosting Issues

All businesses, both big and small, will typically require some sort of hosting service as part of their operations. Some might even consider hosting the backbone of the company, depending on what kind of work it is that you do. It’s for this reason that you must be familiar with common hosting problems, and what can be done to fix them. Read on to learn about some of them.

Your Site is Offline

One of the most common hosting issues is your site being down. This can cause headaches for both big and small companies, as it means you’re essentially off the grid. Whether it’s down for 5 minutes or for 5 days, it could mean lost revenue, lost visibility, or even worse. If you run a company, you might see lost profits. If you run a blog about mobile technology, you won’t see any visitors. Typically a site being offline can be fixed easily, if things go alright.

website hosting issues

One of the most common causes to a site being down is due to a recent change that you may have made on your site. Did you or someone else with access recently mess around with the settings? If so, you might have inadvertently done something that caused the site to go down. Simply find the error messages associated with the site being down, and revert the settings to how they were before the site went down. In most cases, this will solve the problem.

Your Site is Performing Slow

Another very common problem with hosting that companies of all sizes face is having a slow site. Having a slow site can cause visitors to leave your site altogether, or not be able to navigate it due to it being so slow. If this is the case, it must be fixed immediately.

One reason your site might be performing slow is due to other sites on your server experiencing issues. If your site is running slow, the first thing you should do is to check with your hosting provider to determine if its an issue with traffic.

If your site is slowed down and it’s not because of traffic, it likely has something to do with configuration. There are a host of technical things you can do to help improve the speed back to normal, but the best idea is to simply call your hosting provider’s helpline.

Your Site is Showing Script Errors

Another hosting related issue that can cause headaches all around is your site experiencing script errors. These are typically errors that will show up on the top or bottom of one of your web pages, and it can be a major turnoff to visitors of your site, and even cause navigational issues if not taken care of.

Typically script errors are PHP errors, and if so they are easily fixable because they are very specific. Either call your hosting provider for more information on how to fix the issue, or simply search Google for a solution. Since script and PHP errors typically give you very specific note about what they are, they are also very easy to solve in most cases.

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  1. Solid article! I agree that keeping your site up and running fast is a key thing to do. I think I read somewhere that for every extra second beyond 3 seconds that your site takes to load, you will lose a few visitors.

  2. INteresting guide on how to solve website simple problems.

    If I may add; when your website is slow, you can choose to check your plugins and removed the ones that are not important….

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