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Epic launch To iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is here to change our lives blissfully especially it is a great option for those who are fed up from their Androids and smart phones. A much lighter in weight touch

New Revolution Of Gadgets In 2013

As we noticed, 2012 has been the exciting year for mobile phones history. We have seen the existence of the new tablet PC that includes iPad Mini, the launching of the Samsung Galaxy S3

Latest Technology News Around The World

The world of technology is witnessing the breaking of a new dawn. This is the sentiments by many of the technology leaders in the world. They have admitted that there is an evolutionary occurrence

iPhone 5 vs Droid DNA

The Apple iPhone will always be a major player in the smart phone market. Apple has built itself a vast number of loyal followers. You only have to see the buzz that each new

Three Issues With The New iPhone 5

The long anticipated iPhone 5 was released approximately 2 months ago, reached sales that cleared the inventory of the phones in some retail stores. Customers formed lines at retail stores as if waiting in

Know Apple iPhone 5 In And Out – Review

Apple iPhone 5 provides brilliant exterior finishing and endurable performance. It also provides a great experience to the users those who want to have innovative experience with everything. Even though the iPhone 5 from

The All New iPhone 5 Design

We are just a couple of weeks away from seeing the all new iPhone 5 be unveiled at Apple’s media conference scheduled for September 12th. In anticipation of its unveiling, I thought it would

Apple Unveiling iPhone 5 and iPad Mini On September 12

So the rumors are indeed true that Apple is indeed unveiling an iPad Mini along with the newest version of the iPhone. A report released by the blog site iMore revealed that Apple is set