How to Start your Own Blog in Minute

Having a blog is very advantageous and fun. It enables you to share your experiences and thoughts to others. From your blog, you can get new friends and acquaintances. And if your blog gets a lot of visitors, you can earn money from it. To achieve it, you must make your blog interesting. If you have no idea how to make blogs, here are some steps to make your own blogs.

How to Choose a Domain Name

The domain name is the name of your blog. You can practically name your blog anything. However, there are some tips in creating a domain name. First of all, you must create a domain name that contains the niche of your blog. For example, if you are going to talk about beauty in your blog, you can choose a name that is related to it, e.g. beauty102. Therefore, people will know what is in your blog. It will also be search engine friendly. You must also create a domain name that is easy to remember so that your visitor can remember it easily. And you must not make it too long.

how to start a blog

Register your name on a web hosting

Once you decided the domain name, you must register it in a web hosting. You can enlist your domains at HomeHost. This hosting provider offers you with several hosting packages. If you want to buy the national package, you only need to pay R$21 a year. With this package, your blog will be,, or If you buy the international package, you only need to pay R$1.99. Your blog will be .com, .org or .net. Both of these packages are for those who have not registered the domain name on other hosting. If you have already registered it on other web hostings, you can choose a special package and will not need to pay the registration fee. All you need to pay is only the accommodation fee.

Creating interesting blog

After you register your domain, you must wait for a while before you can start your blog. Once it is installed, you must make it looks as attractive as you can. An attractive blog will attract more visitors so that you can earn more money. You must install premium theme on your blog. You can buy it in any theme providers that offer you with attractive theme. However, not all of them offer you with excellent theme. You must choose one that is simple and easy to operate. You must also buy it from those who offer you with unlimited membership. Therefore, you can update its look later on without the need to pay more fees. Another thing you must consider is the price. The theme that you choose must also have all the features that you and your visitors need.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your own blog now and enjoy the fun of it. You may get more experience and challenge from it. However, it will surely add more colors in your life.

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