Simple Digital Advertising Techniques That Can Optimise Your Conversion Rates

At some point, many business owners will become dissatisfied with their company’s conversion rates. When you reach this point in your professional career, it’s time to figure out how to take your company’s bottom line to the next level. One great way to realise the objective is with the use of digital advertising techniques. Below you’ll find just a few of many online marketing techniques you can implement to start earning more substantive conversion rates: 

Facebook Contests:

It’s no secret that social media optimization (SMO) techniques can help you reach more people, sell more products, build a bigger base of loyal clients, and turn existing customers into brand ambassadors. With all of this in mind, you definitely want to explore the world of social media marketing. One SMO technique that has helped many businesses gain more attention and convert more people is Facebook contests. These contests are important because they help you build community around your brand while maintaining the attention of prospects until the contest is over. Also note that you can have other marketing strategies waiting in the wings and then implement these techniques as soon as you announce the winner of the contest. One idea you might consider with the Facebook contest project is having your audience design logos and then using the winning entry as the new image that will come to represent your brand when advertised on television, in print ads, and through marketing material like pens and coffee cups!

digital advertising techniques

Keep in mind that running a Facebook contest is not the only way that you can build your audience and generate more sales. Another technique you may find empowering is consistently tweeting information-rich, engaging tweets regarding your brand. Also note that as the business owner, your personal life is part of the brand. Sharing aspects of it can make your audience feel closer to you while also keeping their attention fixed on something directly or tangentially related to your brand. For example, you might tweet a photo of you and your dog and then casually mention that your pet has more energy now that she’s regularly drinking the coffee products you sell. This is the type of joke that your target audience might appreciate, and it keeps your discourse with them related to your products.  (Note that not every single tweet, photo, or piece of content you produce has to be directly related to your brand. You can take a picture of the sun, tweet it, and then tell everyone you’re so grateful to wake up to a morning that began with the sun’s rays shining through your bedroom window!)


Many business owners have tapped into the power of using infographics in their content, and you should do the same. Infographics are a form of content through which statistical data is conveyed to the reader/viewer through the use of colorful images, charts, bar graphs, etc. In addition to enabling your site visitors to quickly gain the information they want, infographics tend to involve unique aesthetic elements that catch the audience’s eyes such that they find it difficult to turn away from the screen!

Note that the inclusion of infographics in your content is not the only content marketing technique you can deploy to optimise your online image, make more sales, etc. In fact, there are hundreds and hundreds of cutting edge, customised techniques you can implement to take your content from average to incredible. One content marketing strategy you might want to consider is making your blog posts and web articles scannable through the inclusion of techniques like bullet points and numbered lists. Also remember that in addition to having excellent content on your website, you can optimise and expedite the online shopper’s process of making purchases through the use of shopping cart ecommerce software. Companies such as 1shoppingcart are proud to offer this type of software to customers.

Begin Your Journey Into Online Marketing Power Now!

If you’re really serious about optimising your conversion rates in the online world, know that you can. Three strategies that you can implement to take your company into a new dimension of internet advertising excellence include Facebook contests, infographics, and content marketing. Start using these conversion optimization techniques now so you can take your level of ecommerce efficacy from average to incredible in a savvy way!

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