Server Room Lighting Systems

If you are an IT manager, you need to worry about multiple aspects of the business. While it is of course a priority for you to set up a server room that is hi-tech, modern and will efficiently serve your clients, partners and staff members, you must also work closely with the CFO and the company budget to design systems which are also cost effective. While it is true that data centres and server rooms need to have comfortable lighting set up for yourself and your staff, you will need to balance energy costs as well as meeting health and safety requirements for adequate lighting.

By working with a third party provider of server and communication room systems for your data centre design and build, you can assure that all of these legal and safety obligations are met while adhering and even saving on your budget!

Lighting and Health 

As our understanding of health has increased over the years, scientists have been able to show that certain types of lighting, particularly neon lamps, can have negative effects on the health and comfort of workers and even clients. In general, workers who spend a lot of time under these outdated lighting systems can end up with eye strain.

But you cannot work in the dark either! A torch is not a substitute for adequate lighting and is not acceptable for day to day work. For this reason, a CAT2 lighting system will be able to ensure a safe and secure working environment for all of your staff. CAT2 systems reduce eye strain and allow maintenance work to be done easily and efficiently as well.

Motion detectors and lighting 

data centre design

Another efficient way to save thousands of pounds in costs a year on energy bills is to wire up your lighting system with motion detectors and other sensory devices that pick up on when staff enter the work space  This can also be hooked up to CCTV and other surveillance devices for job security and monitoring reasons. When you set up a system that uses these automatic methods to provide lighting when it is actually needed, you reduce staff responsibilities as well, allowing them to focus better on their actual job. 

This kind of system can drastically reduce the energy costs of your company and also allow you to make valid claims on your intellectual property and literature about “green” or efficient power systems that will allow you to market your enterprise as an environmentally conscious outfit in sync with the concerns of people all over the world.

These techniques can be incorporated into your office and data centre and are more efficient ways to light your building rather than traditional lighting techniques.

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