Full-blown Review of Apptha Airhotels – An Airbnb Clone Script

Apptha, the hub for eCommerce extensions released Apptha Airhotels a little while ago in the Magento 2 version. Apptha’s Airhotels is an Airbnb clone script. This vacation rental script has been the springboard for 1,000+ vacation rental websites across the globe.


  • Readymade script
  • Cloud hosting
  • Multi-color themes
  • Multi-lingual compatible
  • Multi-currency compatible

  • Not a free script

Apptha Airhotels Review

This article is a thorough review of the readymade Airbnb clone script as available to customers.

Apptha Airhotels is envisioned as an Airbnb clone script that makes things easier for all its users: site admins, hosts and guests.

Here are its Highlight Features:

City-based property listings

City-based searching is what made Airbnb popular. Apptha Airhotels enables the same with a city-based property search right on the landing page. Also, the city which has seen most number of property bookings will be listed here. The admin can customize the image of each city with a single click.

User Reviews & Ratings

Following the concept that social proof leads to more conversions, Apptha Airhotels is providing star-based rating and text-based review system. Unlike usual vacation rental star rating systems, Apptha Airhotels goes a step ahead and classifies the rating based on Price, Quality and Value.

Background Verification through Gamification

Establishing safety and trust is the biggest challenge in vacation rental business. To help guests remove their doubts of hosts Apptha Airhotels has introduced a trust badge based gamification system that indicates document verification of hosts.

Advanced Search

Guests can search for properties based on several criteria like property type, price slider, amenities provided and so on.

Individual Property Page

Each property gets a designed page where all its details including ownership, type, rooms, guests allowed, pet policy, amenities provided, highlight features, etc. are mentioned in detail.

Google Calendar Integration

Apptha Airhotels facilitates booking management with Google Calendar Integration. Hosts and guests can see real-time booking status of each property enabling proper planning.

Due to space constraints, I am not getting into explaining furthermore features. You can check out their website where the entire feature list is available. I also hear that the Apptha team offers customization, so you can always add more features to your vacation rental website.

Why to Choose Apptha Airhotels

There are 3 reasons why I will pay and buy Apptha Airhotels:

  1. It is the first Magento 2 vacation rental script. Nobody else in the market has released a booking script in Magento 2.
  2. It is  readymade solution. You are good to go post necessary configurations. Saves time and helps you reach the market in a flash.
  3. It runs on the cloud on your own domain and can be scaled to host any number of properties as required when business volumes swell.

All put together, Apptha Airhotels is a great choice to build a vacation and booking website that boasts of fetching features. It works perfectly for admins, guests as well as hosts.

If you are in the works of building a vacation rental website of the look and feel of Airbnb, this is just the perfect choice for you.

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About the Author: Masilamani


  1. I have used airhotels for a client of mine to build a vacation rental website with global audience. This airbnb clone software satisfied all our requirement and the website speed is very good.

    1. You can get additional addons for your airbnb clone website from apptha. They have a wide range of addon extensions to choose from.

  2. I used Apptha airhotels to create my vacation rental website. The team helped with implementation and maintenance. This Airbnb clone script functioned smoothly.

  3. I want to buy this airbnb clone software to start my own website for accommodation booking and rental. Is it possible to sync the property location with Google Map?

  4. Is the license of this airbnb software for one time use or commercial use? I want to buy this airbnb clone script for a client.

    1. This vacation rental script comes with many booking options, a user can book based on hourly, days etc. It also has subscription based booking options.

  5. I want to start on online vacation rental website to run an bread and breakfast business in Portland. How can i use this airbnb clone script to achieve it?

    1. Hello Mike, You can start your own bread and breakfast business with this airbnb clone script. You can install apptha airhotels and make the necessary changes you need and start your own business.

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