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OLX India is one of the consumer-to-consumer online classified website that provides a platform for connecting sellers and buyers. It is done by simply posting a free add on www.olx.in , with the details of the product to be sold. Today, it is one of the largest classified advertisement portals available online for free.

What is OLX.IN??

OLX.IN is an online website that comes in the genre of classified websites. Classified websites basically mean the type of websites which differentiate from a list and advertises according to categories. And the source of these ads is common people like you and me who want their belongings to be sold without any hassle. So from anything like cell phone, laptop, musical instruments to everything that you just want to sell off, all you got to do is just register with OLX.IN and get your products advertised. Most prominently you will find someone or the other who is interested.



OLX India

The company focuses on the concepts to make buying and selling of products as simple as it can be to the users. For selling a product all you got to do is follow the registering process the website, through the process you will be asked to select your state. And after the registration process is completed all you need to do to sell your goods is create your free listing by just giving a click on “Post A Free Ad”. This will lead you to a page where you need to provide about the product you aspire to sell and upload some photos and that’s all you are done with it. Only some simple steps and you will be able to see your product listed on the website. Although uploading photos of the product to be sold is not necessary it is advised to do, so that buyers who are interested in the product will come to know how does the product look like and will be more interested in it. It simply clarifies their ideas and doubts about the product. Above all the reason that will help make your product a success is a feature that OLX.IN possesses. For interesting ads and relevant information you can follow us on YouTube

It provides you with properties so that colourful and designer ads with pictures and videos can be made easily. You can restrict your community activities, selling and buying at MY-OLX. It gives you advantage to display your ads on social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace. To ease your access to the site it allows you to use it from mobile phones by an app Mobile Ready. To add to your convenience it can be viewed in local languages if you are not comfortable with English. Even as a buyer you are at profit as you can browse to find things of your interest through the numerous categories and sub categories that are neatly divided.

Is Olx.in a local company?

Here is a sigh of relief who don’t trust in local companies when it is about online business. Olx.in is not a local Indian company. It was created in 2006 in Argentina and operates in more than 96 counties.

Interesting OLX.in ads

Since 2011 olx.in has been showing interesting campaigning ads on television rigorously with their campaign slogan “where buyers meet sellers” these funny ads generally depict how people are ready to sell almost anything. below are two such wonderful ads for you to enjoy.

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  1. Nice and unique post Shameem 🙂

    Yeah, OLX is a versatile online company to buy and sell products. You know, before 3 years my blog posts were accepted here and I drove traffic with it, but now their rules are changed.

    Its really good to read the complete details of OLX, thanks for sharing it with us.

    1. Hi Nirmala thanks for your comment between I’m first timing getting notice about blog post submitting on OLX and moreover they are changing the guidelines to make it more perfect keep coming 🙂

      1. Am a new blogger and online seller i started my blogging career 4 months back … usually i sell my products on ebay india, olx also is a best plat form to sell or buy online.. in ebay we have to pay the fees for every thing and commission to paisa pay, for olx we don’t need listing is free and we can contact directly to the product owners … which is a best part with olx. thanks for the useful and sharing post.

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