Mobile Broadband Companies: Making Countries Richer?

Some current researches in various countries have seen a relationship between an improving GDP or gross domestic product and providing access to mobile broadband. One of these studies includes a study from Chalmers University that found an important discovery. According to the study, doubling broadband speed can improve GDP of a country by around 0.3 percent.This study was conducted in 2010 among 33 countries. In another study conducted by World Bank, it has found that increasing the broadband penetration by 10 percent also increases a developing country’s GDP by as high as 1.38 percent.

In Oman, this discovery is the source of power behind their government’s long standing sustainable development technique. This strategy is named Vision 2020. It was made to branch out the economy and keep it independent from the income produced from crude oil. It also aims to encourage growth in export-leaning manufacturing. Apart from this, it also aims to enhance the educational system of the people in order to develop innovation, promote critical thinking skills and nurture service-leaning industries. These include communications and information technology, healthcare and tourism. In order to triumph in their endeavors, the country’s policy makers thought that they should improve their communications and information technology in order to attract more entrepreneurs, businesses, consumers and researchers needing access to high speed internet connection.

Due to this novel insight, telecommunications regulatory boards have started looking for consulting partners to help in implementing Oman’s NBS or Nat’l Broadband Strategy. First begun in 2010, the NBS isn’t only made to expand high speed mobile broadband access all over the country. It is also geared towards boosting its market participation in communications and information technology. The country’s regulatory board has also started plans that are particularly designed to carry mobile broadband access to far and rural areas of Oman, even extending to mountainous parts of the country.

mobile broadband companies

The Oxford Business Group has published an article that says that the country’s mobile broadband communications is also designed to take advantage from improved connections to international underground cables. In the year 2010, a privately owned regional cable operator from Asia’s Middle East claimed that it has launched a new underground cable interconnecting Europe,Egypt and Oman. Early this year, the company also claimed that these previously installed cables worth 445 million USD are good and still running. As noted by other industry analysts, this event together with other cable projects in the country may enable a drop in the prices asked by privately owned companies by half during the next year and even more in the coming years.

Furthermore, there are good signs that say that the newly built government owned mobile broadband company by Omanis developing and reaching its goals to start providing fiber optic cables to internet service providers by 2015. It is projected that the project will start exceeding expectations by that year. Indeed, the company’s goals are important steps to improving the telecommunications part of the country. At the same time, the company is projected to help increase the GDP of the country by a substantial amount.

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