How to Get Android App Installer Working On your Smartphone

If you own a smartphone then chances are it is running on the Android platform. Android is one of the fastest growing platforms today and has cornered almost 50% of the global smartphone market. One of the reasons why people love it is because it can easily be customized. You can install apps on it to make your smartphone more personal and with the hundreds of thousands of apps available you will have a varied choice.

Primary option is to install apps via accessing Google Play where you can get paid or free apps. The apps here are categorized for you to easily search any title you want. What if you are looking for a non-market app? One that isn’t available in Google Play yet? You will usually find these apps in popular websites where you can download them straight to your PC. The title you get will always have an apk extension to it which is what you will need to install on your smartphone.

Alternative method is to transfer an app to your smartphone is by using an Android app installer. This makes it easier for you to install apps directly to your device. What you do is install the Android app installer on your PC first. Make sure to install the correct version since there are some that work with Windows while others work with Mac. Connect your smartphone to your PC using a USB cord or through Wi-Fi. Once you run the installer you will be able to choose lots of apps on the screen. If you see an app that’s interesting all you have to do is click on it and it will immediately be installed on your smartphone.

What are the advantages of using an app installer over the conventional method?

smartphone app installer

Well aside from the fact that it simplifies the process, it also speeds it up. Imagine trying to install a dozen apps in your smartphone. This would take a lot of time if done manually. With an app installer all you have to do is tick on all the apps that you want and it automatically installs them on your device. Previously those who don’t have any Wi-Fi or 3G signal were not able to get apps since Google Play requires you to have a wireless data connection. The availability of app   installer means that your smartphone does not need to be connected to the Internet. Only your PC needs to go online to download your favorite Android apps.

In searching for an app installer make sure that you get one from a trusted source. This is to make sure that your phone security won’t be compromised. Also try to see if the installer has additional features such as backing up data between your phone and computer since this is a very useful tool.

Do you have an Android smartphone? If you do, then make it more personalized by installing apps on it.

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  1. You’re right, Android app installers are very handy and useful too. For my samsung galaxy y, I use to download the apk file from any file hosting site and then install it on my phone. That makes the process fast because I have a fast connection in my pc. 😀

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