Five Impressive Features of Macbook Air

The people who need a powerful and fast performing notebook then without any doubt it is Macbook Air that should be their first choice. This notebook has everything from catchy design to fast processor. You are able to buy Macbook Air from Tesco. Though this laptop is equipped with a lot of features yet five features make it the most impressive notebook. Let’s start exploring these features.

1. Fast Processor:

The performance of every notebook is mainly dependent on processor. Thanks to Apple that has made a big shift in power in the form of item core i5 and i7 processor. You can discover the optimal speed when you play games, watch movies and make Facetime video calls.

2. More Memory:

There is an 8GB of memory that makes it simple for you to run as many applications as you want. You never feel a change in the performance and speed.

macbook air features

3. Fast Flash Storage:

It’s time to stop using traditional 5400-rpm storage and go for flash storage that is only available in Macbook Air.This storage allows you to quickly access your data. Your notebook awakes from sleep as fast as it can. Your access to different application would be fastest. Good thing about this flash storage is that it has made Macbook Air lighter as compared to its predecessor.

4.720p HD FaceTime Camera:

No doubt, Macbook air is featured with best 720p camera that allows you to make clear cut video calls. Now your friends and family can see you clearly than before. The camera of Macbook air is three times better than its previous brothers. Best of all, it brings a widescreen format so everyone get a space in the picture.

5. Best Display:

Last but not the least; the resolution of 11 inch Macbook air is exactly matched with that of a typical 13 inch laptop. When it comes to an 13 inch Macbook air then you notice that its resolution is exactly a like of a 15 inch notebook.

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