Why Consumers Prefer to Customise iPhone 5 Cases

The amount of choices ahead of anyone looking to buy their very first smartphone are massive. The size of the screen, the processor, the operating system, the camera and the price are just a few of the criteria on which such a big decision needs to be taken. All these comparisons and the hunt for decent reviews all make for a very exciting build up to the moment when you actually get the phone.

And then it’s time to pick the right phone cover. So we start the hunt for reviews all over again.

Iphone 5 Accessories:

For users of the iPhone 5 though, this hunt can prove a particularly tumultuous affair. The variety of different accessories available is vast, though it should be said that’s not necessarily a good thing. Even considering all the options available to users, it’s still nearly impossible to find the phone cover that’s perfect for each individual. It’s at this point that they decide to customize iPhone 5 cases.

Even a basic glance at the other options available to iPhone 5 users reveals that while the number of manufacturers is sizeable, the variation of functions is as yet minimal, and more importantly, usually impractical over a long period of time. For instance, consider the covers that appear to have been built so as to enable a device to survive being run over by a tank.

With odd sounding materials and a range of specifications that seem to have come from sort of army briefing, these covers usually only serve to turn the once slender device into a heavily padded old Motorola lookalike. In fact this aspect of increasing the general size of the device proves particularly important to users who don’t want to compromise comfort for safety.

iphone 5 cases

Consumers Problem

For most consumers the problem with such covers stems from the same basic short sightedness where one additional feature seems to come at the cost of basic usability. For example there are covers that come with inbuilt kickstands to make it easier to view content. Unfortunately for most users this adds a great deal to the overall price of the product.

This is before we even consider the most critical factor of all; style. Apple designs its devices on the promise of delivering unique, personalized experiences to each individual who buys the phone. The only place they fail to deliver on that promise is currently in their product design. Due to mass production techniques and economies of scale though, this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

The function of the phone cover then becomes twofold. On the one hand, there is the practical requirement of providing basic protection from the occasional accident. On the other hand, the case becomes a visual representative of the things that make that device owner different from all the other owners of the same device.

With these things in mind, it suddenly becomes abundantly clear why consumers prefer to customize iPhone 5 cases rather than choosing a mass produced version that costs a lot. The creative control that this affords users coupled with the required amount of protection mean that users don’t ever need to worry about having an iPhone 5 that looks like anyone else’s.

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  1. I do not agree with you, consumers actually do not prefer to customize their own phone cases. They prefer to choose from ready made designs, if the designs and quality of cases is great, then consumers don’t mind to spend a bit more money.

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