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There is little doubt that the online world is getting more important each day. Businesses continue to find new ways to reach potential customers, and the online world continues expanding those opportunities. The question for many people is: how can I hop on the train to success when it comes to online opportunities? The answer is found in getting a relevant education. Here is a look at a few of the hottest careers and degrees in the online marketplace.

Internet Marketing: It’s Not Just for Affiliate Marketers

In today’s digital society, an MBA with a focus on Internet Marketing is a powerful asset. The term “Internet marketing” has evolved to become a catchphrase for many areas of Internet business. The most in-demand areas are Internet marketing data and Internet marketing monetization.

In traditional marketing, data powers the marketing campaign. The measurement of success and failure is purely the role of data. Internet marketing data is something that we measure in real time, and the reaction is equally fast. With Internet marketing monetization, the focus is on conversion. Those career leaders who can accomplish one or the other will find themselves in high demand.

Social Media: It’s Not Who You Know

“Social media” is another catchphrase. There are so many social media sites now that the focus has turned from social media to social media platforms. The hot jobs here are those that tie into Internet marketing. The conversion factor is huge, and companies are willing to pay substantial salaries to leaders who can manage conversions, drive marketing campaigns, and design the next big thing. The gateway is through online MBA degrees or Master’s of Science degrees that focus on Internet marketing, mobile marketing, web analytics, and social media.

Mobile Marketing: Can You Hear Us Now?

mobile marketing

There is very little chance that the mobile marketing craze will diminish. In fact, new mobile gadgets seem like they appear right on schedule. Mobile marketing is immensely important to the local business cycle, and corporations such as Google Inc. make mobile marketing a monster of an industry. There are plenty of opportunities for the executive with an MBA or Master’s of Science in mobile technology. From building your company to managing the mobile presence of other companies, mobile marketing is fundamental to online business success.

Web Analytics: It’s More Than a Numbers Game

The web analytics field breaks down into two roles: those people who build the systems to collect the data, and those people who interpret the data. Both positions need a Master’s of Science in Analytics for leadership. Data and data collection are two of the biggest career areas, and corporations need both roles to be filled. For corporations to survive in such a competitive market, they need people who design systems that collect relevant data, and people who can read the data accurately.

These are four of the fastest-developing areas in online business. The future is only going to become more web-oriented, and acquiring your MBA degree will open the door to any of these web-based careers.

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  1. It’s great news for upcoming college. Almost of my friends work in online or have a business online so probably their kids someday will take this course. I’m sure many students will get this online businesses college degrees. Great post!

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