Blackberry Passport vs Blackberry Classic

Blackberry Passport and Blackberry Classic are the new two fantastic Smartphones in the market. In order to see which one suits your requirement, we would compare both the phones.The BlackBerry Classic has performed well in in several hands on reviews but how will it compare against the Passport? 


Blackberry Classic has the classic Blackberry look. Blackberry Passport is 17 mm wider than the Classic. On the other hand, it is 3mm shorter and 1mm thinner than the Classic. So the Passport is much heavier than the Classic. You can easily use Classic with one hand but you need to use the Passport with both the hands.

The Classic is easier to hold because of the plastic textured material at its back. The Passport has a smoother finish with rubber feel at the back. The camera of the Classic is on the top left corner whereas the camera on the Passport is in the center.

Both the phones have metal frame which provides strength and stability to the phones. They have the same volume and shortcut buttons.

blackberry passport blackberry classic


Keyboards and Controls:

Both the phones have physical QWERTY keyboards. The Passport has a three-row keyboard with big square keys and built in touch sensitivity. The Classic has a typical Blackberry keyboard with one row fully devoted to space, shift and symbol keys. If you want accurate typing then the Passport is better. If you want a familiar keyboard then the Classic should definitely be your choice.


The Passport has a 4.5 inches screen with 1440×1440 display. The classic has a 3.5 inches screen with 720×720 display. The Passport has the pixel density of 453ppi and four times the number of pixels in the Classic. The Passport display is much better than the Classic. You would love to read text messages, emails, word documents on the Passport due to the sharper screen and excellent color accuracy.

Performance and Battery Life:

The battery life of the Passport is of two days while the battery life of the Classic is hardly one and a half days. The Passport is fast and impeccable whereas the Classic lags and gets very slow at times.


The Passport has a 13 MP camera whereas the Classic has an 8MP camera. The lens and sensor of the Passport are much better than the Classic. It is easier to take pictures on the Passport due to its enormous size. The pictures taken by the Passport are sharper and vibrant than the pictures taken by the Classic.


If you are a Blackberry fan but you want to make your experience better, then the Blackberry Passport should be your first choice. In case you are used to the traditional look and you do not like change, then you should definitely purchase the Blackberry Classic.

Passport is new, refreshed, modern tool. It has a sort of energy around it. There are new features, there is a new look, there are some loopholes as well. Blackberry Passport is the definite choice unless you really want to stick to your old Blackberry habits. 

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  1. i am a regular user of blackberry and i always use it for my business point of view and this comparison is very useful for me as i am playing to buy new blackberry phone

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