Big Phone vs. Small Tablet; Is This The Mobile David and Goliath

The mobile-verse has been heating up over the past several months, and manufactures have released new devices to cater to user’s needs. These devices consist of big phones such as the Droid DNA and Samsung Galaxy Note II, and small tablets such as the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire. Is this the beginning of the mobile version of David vs. Goliath?

Each of these devices has specific benefits, such as high speed Internet available on the giant smartphones, Droid DNA and Samsung Galaxy Note II. There are a lot of benefits of these big phones, and they also offer more Internet service options than their mini-tablet counterparts.

Bigger is Better Smartphone Trend That Is Catching On

The smartphone is not just a trendy object anymore. It is a bigger and better, statement where mobile devices are concerned. The Galaxy Note and Droid DNA are perfect examples of this. These phones all have a super wide screen with great screen resolutions, and they can still fit in the palm of the hand.

The Galaxy Note II is a bit cumbersome when it comes to the giant smartphone sector of the mobile market, but it has some features that may make it a better buy for the user, such as expandable SD card slot, which the Droid DNA lacks. The buttons are located in similar places on both phones and these two phones both support USB and HDMI connections. This makes having high speed Internet connections on these devices beneficial if you are looking for a device to enjoy HD content on-the-go.

The Mini-Tablet and Its Advantages

Big Phone vs Small Tablet


The tablet market has been booming, and there are more and more, devices to choose from. The latest trend with these devices is the mini-tablet, which there are several models available that include the iPad mini and the Kindle Fire.

These tablets have the benefit of being small and easy to navigate, such as the Kindle Fire, which has many great apps on it, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The downside to these devices is that they only offer Wi-Fi connectivity, or the 4g mobile Internet has to be added to it when purchased to have a high speed Internet capable device, especially in rural areas with few wi-fi hot spots

With new operating systems adding the ability to have several user profiles, these devices are popular among families that may have several users for one device. The Kindle fire for example; has a special program for children that can have a different profile for each child in the family.

Deciding on The Mobile Device fits Your Needs

There are many different devices to choose from, and each has its benefits. You will want to get the device that best suits your needs, and not all are right for you. Each of these has benefits. If you are a businessperson, you may want the smartphone, but a family may see a mini tablet more of a fit for the home that has Wi-Fi Internet service.

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