Best Tablet Accessories: 4 Must-Haves For Your Favorite Gadget

Tablets have become the must-have item of the modern tech world. Tablets are more portable, sleeker, and boast a greater battery life than their laptop predecessors. Plus, tablets feature touch screens, high quality cameras, and access to thousands of applications. Despite their impressive abilities, tablets, like all other gadgets, can be improved by the addition of accessories. They can be difficult to type and write on, aren’t compatible with standard external hard drives, and are extremely fragile. With tablets becoming more prevalent in the education and business worlds, investing in accessories is a must. Indeed, a number of accessories are available to help you get the most out of your tablet. Read on to find out about the four best tablet accessories to create an improved tablet experience.


Every tablet needs a good case not only to protect its screen from shattering, but also defend it from daily wear and tear. Several types of cases are out there to choose from, and deciding which one is right for you depends on how you plan to use your tablet.

If your tablet is reserved for personal use at home, think about purchasing a case like Apple’s iPad Smart Cover. The Smart Cover, which comes in several colors, attaches to your iPad using magnets along the side, and has a fold-able cover that allows you to prop up your iPad horizontally for the purposes of viewing images and videos as well as typing.

best tablet accessories

But if you plan to use your tablet more “aggressively”, consider getting a more durable case, like those which cover the screen with tough plastic and have a thick rubber-like material casing the rest of the tablet. Models like the widely popular Otter box will protect your tablet from nasty falls and scratches alike.

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Typing with on-screen keyboards can be a pain, especially if you prefer the feeling of individual keys or have larger fingers. Fortunately, many tablets can be paired with external keyboards, which connect to your tablet via Bluetooth or through a separate connection. Any basic keyboard will do the trick for those looking for a tactile typing method that leaves your entire tablet screen clear to show your work, rather than having half of it covered with a keyboard.

However, if you’re getting a case and a keyboard, why not kill two birds with one stone? Get a keyboard case! As the name suggests, this is a two-in-one accessory—a case with an attached keyboard. Your protected tablet will be propped up, and your keyboard will remain flat on the surface—much like a laptop. Here you get the benefits of a laptop and of a tablet through a single accessory.


Some tablet apps allow users to take handwritten notes, and your finger might not be the most precise or efficient tool for the job. Not only do touch screens not capture strokes while users are wearing winter gloves, for example, but most people prefer using a writing utensil to take notes on their tablet as they would on paper—styluses (styli?) do the trick. Styluses can be more expensive than you expect, ranging from about $20-$30 for one of good quality. Though you may find cheap options at your local pharmacy, they tend to be of poor quality. If you plan on using a stylus often, go ahead and invest in one of good quality.

You’ll have to choose between styluses with pointed tips and rounded tips. If your stylus will be used mostly for writing go with a pointed tipped one. If it’s for dragging, positioning, and tapping on your screen, the rounded tip is the type for you.

External Hard Drive:

Tablets weren’t necessarily designed to replace your laptop altogether, even though most of us might like it to. Tablets usually don’t offer much memory or storage space, with even the iPad having only 64 GB. Several different options exist, however none of them comes with a small price tag. Extra storage for the iPad averages at about $150 for hundreds of gigabytes of space.

Another storage option is cloud service, which provides some storage space for free, with additional space for a fixed monthly rate. Explore your options to figure out how much space you need and what price you’re willing to pay; it’s always worthwhile to shop around and ask yourself, “Am I saving enough?”

Accessories for your already-expensive tablet can be quite costly, but are well worth the investment. Accessories facilitate tablet usage and can make your life much easier. Before turning your pockets inside out to purchase every accessory you lay your eyes on, consider which ones you really need and, most importantly, which ones seem worth the price. Whether you’re a gamer or a business professional, accessories can help you to make the most out of your new favorite mobile device!

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  1. The storage capacity of my tab is something that bothers me.I wish 200 GB tabs were in the market.External hard disks are great but internal ones will be better.

  2. I would really recommend this article to anyone who is out in the market for a new tablet. Almost, all the accessories have been covered.

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