8 Best Apps for Diabetes

Digital India is a vision shared by our honorable Prime Minister. It is not just a virtual reality anymore but a revolution. We are observing a wave of mobile applications flooding the healthcare industry.

Even, medical experts are noticing the intensification in smart phone and mobile health service application innovations.

These trackers and widgets are now being devised as moderators between doctors and patients. The mobile applications are unique solutions to fill the gaps observed by the medical service providers.

Ease of making appointments, data sharing and follow-ups as well as knowledge transfer is possible through mobile applications catered around health services.

It won’t be long before doctors will prescribe health applications for their patients along with medications.

The Apps created are majorly for weight management or fitness. But, some unique trackers help in chronic disease management like diabetes.

best apps for diabetes

Lifestyle diseases and chronic life threatening diseases require a hand held support. This is where mobile applications come into picture.

Let us find out which are the best health apps so far available.

BeatO – The mobile app designed by three young entrepreneurs from India whose lives are touched by diabetes. This application is for people with diabetes, created by individuals with diabetes.  The services provided are superb as these not only bring the diabetes educator to the patient and vice versa; the continuous engagement allows daily self monitoring of diabetes.

There are many layers to diabetes. It requires blood glucose monitoring without fail, insulin management or oral drug therapy, foot care, eye care, dental hygiene and above all psychological support.

BeatO is a digital diabetes care system which is plugging these gaps of expert and patient continuous involvement and follow-up. Reminder, informative resource, engagement and technician at home services make diabetes management do-able for all.

Now, we can hope endocrinologists to recommend every diabetes patient to use BeatO app and avoid complications arising due to ignorance or avoidance in diabetes care by the patient.

Fitbit – This American company has created a universal app that can integrate in all smart phones from iphones, to androids and windows. The activity trackers, step counters, calorie counter, heart rate and water intake measurement are the basic features of the mobile application with same name.

The purpose of Fitbit app is to encourage activity. You are constantly looking at your tracker and aiming to reach your goals. You can monitor, what you eat, how much you burn, how long you sit, quality of your sleep by integrating the wearable devices to your smart phones. This data capturing also allows discussion of your basic profile with the general physician and have a health plan devised accordingly.

Some experts have a downside to this application as they believe that Fitbit only quantifies your activity and may actually zap the fun out of the whole doing-thing. It is a great medium for people with diabetes to get motivated to eat healthy and exercise.

Myfitnesspal – This mobile application is favourite amongst fitness enthusiasts. The app and website motivate trackers by adding virtual games and challenges. The diet community and weightloss forum are most active. A user interface that is fun and interactive makes myfitnesspal appreciated amongst dieters and calorie watchers. Diabetes services as such are not provided but it is a great forum to stay connected with health conscious online community.

Mapmywalk – Walking is a great exercise and American Heart Association recommends 10, 000 steps a day to beat diabetes as well as heart disease. This application is not diabetes centric but allows user to chalk out a walking route as well as track calories intake and output.

The app is best for those who are recently diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes and can revert or stop progression with simply walking as an activity.

Glooko Logbook– This App has achieved 4.5 out of 5 ratings in the App store review. The application allows download of blood glucose readings from glucose meter on to iPod or iPhone. This is a glucose monitoring logbook that can be shared with your doctor via email and fax. It is a free App and is best for insulin dependent diabetes patient who want to record their glucose readings online.

My Glucose Buddy – This application is a data recording application for people with diabetes. The manual recording of blood glucose readings, carbohydrate consumption, insulin dosages and more can be done with this App. It is free to download and best feature is notifications and reminders.

Carb Counting With Lenny – An interesting App for children with Type 1 Diabetes. As insulin dosages work in coordination with the meals, this application allows children as well as their caregiver insight on eating for diabetes.

The carbohydrate counting is complex and this application makes it convenient for user to understand and comprehend.

GSK Diabetes HealthMate – This free mobile app is designed by GlaxoSmithKline. It is easy to use application that allows people with diabetes to track blood glucose readings, and observe visual charts comprehending to mood, medications, activity and diet.

Reminders, detailed history of daily recordings, information and sharing make this a useful resource for diabetes management.

These are a few best apps available to download on your smart phones if you are actively involved in diabetes management for self or a family member.

There are many mobile applications available today and the choice varies as per individual preferences.

Smartphones health apps are here to stay. Investors are keenly supporting mobile health application funding because the telemedicine health services is expected to grow from 250,000 in 2013 to 3,2 million in 2018, globally.

The surge in healthcare services in your mobile app will most probably be due to convenience and efficacy.

Both patient and physician are expected to utilize technology in chronic disease management and data sharing.

Sum Up – Diabetes requires vigilance and management. A good app that allows tracking of blood glucose, calories, carbs, and fitness as well provides service on call is the best bet for all with diabetes. Information in hand and an interactive support group are two features that excite a person with diabetes, motivating him to stay engaged with mobile technology for health.

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