Best 10 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Here is a post for the bloggers signifying the use of Google chrome with some useful chrome extensions for blogging.

Why Google Chrome?

Previously, I was a big fan of Firefox and performed blogging with it. But now, my favorite browser is Google chrome and enduring my work with some useful chrome extensions. You might ask “Why you migrate to Google chrome from Firefox?”

Yes, here are the answers,

  • Easy and prompt.
  • Sleek and efficient interface with extensive extensions.
  • Extensions run in separate process and it does not affect the browser.
  • Less security issues.
  • No restarting required while installing and uninstalling an extension.

Like these, there are more innovative features of Google Chrome stimulated me to switch over to it. I would like to carry on my discussion about useful chrome extension and applications for the bloggers.

Best 10 chrome extensions for bloggers

Am a devoted blogger and  I need to take care of writing, publishing and promoting the blog posts, networking, designing and sometimes learning too. Hope I am doing these jobs with dedication! Not only me, there are countless passionate bloggers are in the blogosphere who are perfectly taking care of the above mentioned blogging works.  It is tedious for the bloggers to get time to perform these blogging activities, isn’t it?

Chrome extension

Google chrome extensions make the life of the bloggers simple and more comfortable to do an enriched blogging. Here are the few extensions that would speed the blogging process and helps to finish the required blogging tasks in few minutes.

1. Zementa

Zementa improves the regular blogging dashboard by recommending the links, images and tags while writing the blog posts. It allows the bloggers to enrich their own content and link to other media with little effort. It supports all types of blogging platforms and operating systems. Linking back to the old blog posts, connecting the beautiful images and adding affiliate links are its main features.

Add this chrome extension

2. Add this – Share and bookmark (new)

This exceptional extension allows the bloggers to instantly share, bookmark, print and translate pages. It is customizable and easy to use. It is a powerful sharing tool which let the bloggers to share their content in Facebook, Twitter and 300 other services.

Add this chrome extension

3. Mousetrace

It helps the bloggers to watch their visitors in real time. It requires an account at and it could be effectively used by the bloggers for better targeting the visitors and to improve the reader engagement.

Add this chrome extension

4. SEO for Chrome

This developer tool is beneficial for the bloggers to perform competitive analysis, PR & backlinks check, keyword research and other SEO tasks. Highlighting nofollow links, showing the social media stats and organic stats, displaying the pages indexed are some of its additional features.

Add this chrome extension   

5. Google dictionary (by Google)

Bloggers used to read and write a lot. This productivity tool helps them to view the complete definition of any word and the foreign languages are automatically translated to their language of choice.

Add this chrome extension 


This effective blogging tool is fully customizable which is used to shorten and to share the url in social networks. Bloggers can used this extension to create easy, tiny and short urls and it is possible to track, forward and redirect the url. It also helps to get QR code for any URL.

Add this chrome extension

7. Ultimate free stock photo

It helps bloggers to find free stock photos from over 200 websites. All are configurable, so the bloggers can select the anyone as their default search. The list of free images is automatically updated as the selected images will be removed and new photos will be listed if they open the Google chrome browser next time.

Add this chrome extension

8. Diigo web

It is a bookmarking tool with which the bloggers can bookmark, archive and annotate webpages and save notes using the slick quick note application. Also it helps to share an item or whole collection as a list and to find the people of same interest.

Add this chrome extension

9.  Blog security

As the wordpress blogs are hacked frequently, this application is used for the bloggers to scan the WordPress installation and fix security vulnerabilities. It also monitors the blog for any changes and automatically fixes any new liabilities if identified.

Add this chrome extension

10. Ginger

Ginger is an essential chrome extension for the bloggers to watch the spelling typos and grammar errors. It proofreads the blogger’s writing in popular websites and has the tendency to correct the 30 types of grammar mistakes. As it has simple interface, the bloggers could improve their English knowledge effortlessly.

Add this chrome extension

Awesome screenshot, Nofollow, Scribefire, SEO serp, Supercounters are some of the other best Chrome extensions useful for the bloggers to execute an upgraded blogging.


Google chrome is one of the popular and widely used browser by the bloggers and internet users. It contains amazing extensions which run as a separate process in a sandbox environment. I have discussed my favorite Google chrome extensions which are useful for the bloggers that aids them to get a successful blog. But am not sure that every blogger will accept my views, but it is working well for me to perform an improved blogging.

Are you using the Google chrome extensions to accomplish your blogging actions? Are any important and useful extensions for bloggers missed here? Share your point of views!

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About the Author: Shameem

I am Shameem, Software Engineer, Web Addicted, Living in Chennai, India.


  1. I expected to find some useful ones but ended up installing all :). They all are though not very big but definitely makes that blogging word a little bit more comfortable….

    Thanks Nirmala Mam for Sharing this …!!!

  2. Hey Nirmala,

    By the way very nice and informative article. As i am blogger my favourite extension is SEO for chrome because i always want to check my competition with other blogs. It provide all the details about sites like Alexa rank, backlinks, PR and more. So this is my favourite chrome extension. Ginger always help me to check grammar and spelling errors.

  3. Hi Ma’am,
    I’m Back to Write. haha funny isn’t it. but Yes i’m followin you ma’am reading each and every post written by on your blog and also on your guest posts. Coming back to post u have enriched this post good information. I’ve used very few of them. From today will try to use each and every extension which you have mentioned here 🙂 Thanks 🙂
    Cheers 🙂

    1. I really got delighted that you are following my every post, many thanks Srikanth 🙂

      These chrome extensions would help you to do better blogging, thanks for adding it

      Your comment is encouraging me always, keep continuing the same 😉

    1. Thanks for asking an useful question Manoj!

      Yes, there are extensions available related to WordPress.

      I knew few, these are

      1. WordPress Checker – to check the comments.
      2. WordPress Stats – to check the statistics.
      3. WP write – to publish the post directly from chrome.
      4. Picmonkey – Auto saves edited Image to WP.

      Hope there are few more, but am not aware of those. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I’m not using any of these extensions before. I’m going to give those a try.

    Just installed Google Dictionary. It will be more useful for non-native english speakers like me. And I also found mousetrace to be useful.

    I’m using Webrank Stats, Awesome Screenshot and Stumble Upon which is really useful in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing the useful post especially for bloggers 🙂

  5. I missed many of these Nirmala, thanks for sharing the list!

    I love Chromodoro. It is an extension which helps you set up a timer so you can take short breaks throughout your workday.

    It increases my productivity quickly; 1 little secret to me writing many blog post 😉

    Thanks again!


    1. Thanks for sharing an useful productivity Chrome extension Ryan, will add it now.

      Am really glad with your comment with sharing your secret of writing, wanna write like you ;0

      You are most welcome Ryan 🙂

  6. I used to be a fan of Firefox but I got so annoyed by its frequent crashing and very slow loading and stuff. I switched to Chrome and that’s the best thing I did for my biz. I can’t imagine how many hours I would have wasted if there was no Chrome. And yes love the “no-restart” easy installation of extensions 🙂

    Thanks for the pretty good list Nirmala!

    1. Am very much surprised and happy with your comment Jane :), thanks!

      Its really nice to read your experience with Google Chrome.

      Yeah, agreed with your Firefox complaints, coz, I too came across these problems.

  7. Hi Nirmala ma’am

    Great Share.!

    Currently i’m using SEO for Chrome, Color Picker, Awesome Screenshot. BTW! Thanks for the List and Writing 🙂

    Stay updated and Stay Rocking 😉 😛


  8. Thanks Nirmalaji for listing these Chrome extensions, some are new for me. I’m going to try them. Also many bloggers using Awesome Screenshot which is famous and useful extension.

  9. Wow, this is the post what i was looking for 🙂 all the chrome extension are awesome, i’ve used some of them and they are doing their good job. Chrome have many useful extension that’s why i am using it. 😛 Thanks for sharing this post with us !

  10. Out of all these extensions, I use only the SEO for Chrome. Zementa looks interesting, I might try it out.
    By the way, you could have added an extension for taking screenshots. I use Awesome Screenshot, and it helps a lot for taking screenshots in order to write some tutorials.

  11. hi there nirmala. thanks for sharing an informative article about how google chrome and its extensions can be useful for us bloggers. i think chrome are targeting different market segments including us bloggers so that they could compete effectively against firefox.

  12. Hello Nirmala,
    Nice article about chrome extension. Right now, i am just so inlove with my firefox browser because it gives me exactly what i need and how i need it. I will be sticking with my firefox for a long time 🙂 Thanks for this wonderful extension and sure it will be useful to all 😉 thanks

  13. Hi Nirmana,
    Lovely article you have here, I’m a big fan of the Google Chrome browser and I was about posting this same article which is stored in my draft. Anyway, I prefer the Chrome Browser because of it’s huge store of Extensions. Thanks for this article.

  14. Wow Nirmala, this is amazing! You did an excellent job here.
    I totally agree with you about preferring chromium browser over FF. It’s much better in any way.
    I even took it to the next level and started using Torch browser, which is an improved google chrome. Now I just need to try some of your extensions and I’m good.

  15. Hi Nirmala, very good compilation. Thanks!

    Check out “TinyTweetr” its a nice blogging aid that helps create tweetables within your blog post in draft mode.
    Makes blogging that much more viral!

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