8 Ways to Use Your Devices to Cure Boredom

We all have those moments when we’re painfully bored and desperately need something to do. Thankfully, your devices are a great way to cure boredom, so if you don’t have one, it’s highly recommended that you purchase one as soon as possible! No matter how old you are, get out your smartphone, computer or tablet when you’re going through a bored stage, and discover all the great things you can do. 

  1. Social networking

There are so many things you can do now on social networking websites – there’s no excuse to ever be bored again! If you want to chat to old friends, new friends, colleagues who you haven’t seen for a few days or chat to a love interest, you can do so via Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp. Even regular text messages are good, but beware, since this can be costly unless you have a phone plan which gives you hundreds of text messages per month or even unlimited texts. If you don’t feel like talking to your friends all night, you can play games via Facebook, search your favorite companies, enter competitions and interact with debates and discussions regarding local issues, political issues or religious views.

  1. Chat rooms

Most chat rooms are boring and there isn’t much going on, but if you can find one and get a good conversation going, the hours will fly by before you even notice it. Try to find a chat room where there are not hundreds of people talking to each other, unless you want to start private conversations with some of them. You could also try chat sites like Omegle, a site which connects you to a total stranger from anywhere else in the world. The possibilities are endless, and many people have created amazing friendships, relationships and even marriages on sites like that!

  1. Solve your problems

If you find yourself bored with a few hours to kill one afternoon, why not try to solve some of your personal problems on the internet? If you have a problem that you’d like to talk over with a complete stranger, you can go to therapy websites which enable you to chat to somebody who is there to listen to your problems. They may even be able to offer you some great advice and help you get out of relationship issues, debt consolidation problems or troubles you might be having with neighbors or work colleagues.

cure boredom

  1. Watch movies

If you have a smartphone, go to the App Store or Play Store and download one of your favorite movies to watch. Once you’ve downloaded it, you can keep it forever and watch it whenever you like! Alternatively, YouTube has several good movies which you can watch, or you can get even more if you pay to rent them for the day. Apps such as Netflix are great too, so if you don’t already have an account with them, consider getting one if you want to watch some great movies and TV programs when you’re feeling bored during the day or night. Other video sites such as Watch2Gether allow you to watch videos either alone or with friends, so you can watch and chat at the same time!

  1. Play games

Whatever the type of games you like, there are thousands of options and possibilities on the internet. You can download most of them as applications for your smartphone or tablet, or they can be played from your laptop or PC. If you like puzzle games, you could play something like Sudoku, Mahjong or general crossword puzzles. For shooting games or racing games, there are plenty to choose from, and for other fun games, you can browse a long list of various types no matter what kinds you enjoy to play.

  1. Read news articles

You might be the type of person who loves to keep up with what’s going on in the world, and if that sounds like you, you’ll be able to kill loads of time reading through the latest news articles. With online newspapers and newspaper apps, you’ll be able to get updated with the latest news as the day goes on – perfect! Whether you like news jokes or serious news articles, there’s something out there for everyone, and a quick search on Google, Bing or Yahoo will soon bring up many results for you to choose from. Not only will this make you more educated about the world news, but it’ll also allow you to join in with the conversations at work next week when everyone starts talking about the important events of the last few days!

  1. Visit StumbleUpon

This is perfect for those who are bored yet don’t quite know what kind of thing will be able to cure them of their boredom. With this website, you can browse through all kinds of different websites unless you come across one which takes your fancy. Visit it, have a look around, read whatever you think is interesting and then keep on browsing. Repeat until you’re bored of trying to cure your boredom! You never know what might happen – you could even discover your new favorite websites.

  1. Educate yourself

If you’re slightly geeky and you’re at your happiest when learning and finding out new things, Wikipedia and other such websites are your best friend for the day. If you want to find out random facts rather than trawling through paragraphs of information on one particular subject, you can find websites just like that. The problem is, a lot of people find that reading random facts can get a bit tedious after a while, especially if they want to find out more. However, whichever method you choose, you will be learning more and more, which can only be a good thing! The great thing about Wikipedia is that there are links all over the article you’re reading, so if you want to discover even more, it’s only a click away!

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  1. Great post Sharmeen.
    There are the best ways to use devices to overcome boreness. I think playing games and chat rooms are the best options to do when we feel bore. Thanks for the information.

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