7 Most Common Issues You Encounter with shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a form of virtual hosting used by millions of bloggers around the world. The comfort and its low price attract more users to use shared hosting instead of vps hosting. It is the most affordable hosting which well suits for small and mid-sized business but they too have some dis-advantages. 

Shared IP Address – As the names says the ip address is shared with other website owners you are just sharing your IP address with your neighbor. If Google has listed you neighbor website to spam blacklisted chances are there to affect your website also.

CPU and Memory – You will be guaranteed of giving unlimited CPU usage and bandwidth but the fact is you are limited to certain numbers. If you exceed that limit your account will be temporarily banned or you will encounter 502 bad gateway errors.

Security Level – Due to disk space sharing there is possibilities of malware threats to all those websites in a server. If your website is hosted on that server chances are there to get affected to those threats.

SEO Disadvantage – If any of your website hosted in your IP had involved in linkfarms or unethical SEO then your website value also decreases to some extent. According to Matt Cutts a website ranking is also based on neighborhood network of blogs hosted on the same IP or server.

shared hosting

Email Accounts – You cannot create email account for all staffs working in your company. In shared hosting number of email account per hosting account is very much limited.

Server Crash – If a blog hosted on your server receives heavy amount of traffic then the server will crash resulting in “Bad gateway” error and it will takes hours to come back to its original state.

Limited Domains – Though they claim that you can add unlimited number of domain you are limited to a certain level. The level may vary from hosting to hosting but you cannot add unlimited domains in your shared hosting.

These are the common issues you will face while you host your blog in shared server instead if you move your blog to VPS then you will enjoy most of the facilities of dedicated server. So choose your hosting plan wisely that suits your business needs.

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