4 Steps To Feeling Safer With Your iPhone

Getting the latest iPhone on the market right into your hands might be a joy that is unique compared to any other device.I mean, who in the world wouldn’t love an iPhone 5?While getting it is the best part of the equation, there are certain “security” tips and tricks you might want to use in the event you lose your iPhone so sensitive information wouldn’t fall in the hands of an unknown person: imagine your credit card details falling in the hands of a stranger – we don’t really want that.

Here are the top 4 tricks that I want to apply to every new iPhone that I put my hands on:

Get MobileMe:

MobileMe is a subscription-based online service Apple offers, which includes email, wireless syncing of data, online storage, web hosting, and other features like Find My iPhone.

Find My iPhone can not only locate your iPhone anywhere in the world, but it can also lock it and wipe it remotely, as well as display a message on it instructing the finder to return it to you. You can get a discount on Mobile Me at Amazon.com.

Just search for “MobileMe.” Back It Up: With all the wireless syncing that you can do, you will be tempted to sync your iPhone less via your computer. You should still connect it and sync regularly.

Buy AppleCare:

If you plan on keeping your current iPhone for the length of your service contract (usually two years), then you should consider getting AppleCare.Your original Apple warranty is only for one year, and if it breaks after that, it could be expensive to fix it. AppleCare will cover it for any issues that arise that weren’t caused by misuse (for example, dropping it, getting it wet, etc., are not covered).

Password Protect It:

If your iPhone is ever lost or stolen, the last thing you want to worry about is not only having to replace it, but all the information that someone will now have access to. So, tap on Settings, then on General, then on Passcode Lock.

Tap on Turn Passcode On and set up a passcode. You’ll have to enter the passcode after the time interval that you set (by tapping Require Passcode), but that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Best Anti-Theft Option:


safer with your iPhone

There are many people that are searching for applications to install on their iPhone that come with the promise to track your iPhone in case it is stolen or lost but not many people realize that an iPhone already has this feature built in.

The Find My iPhone feature is a free service on iPhone that has built in GPS tracking location so when you lose your smartphone, you can always check remotely where it is located.

You can also remotely delete personal data, lock your iPhone, play a sound or even send a SMS message with your personal data so the person that found it can call you.Setting this feature the right way is simple: just go to settings ->iCloud and hit the “find my iPhone option” to be set ON.

If you found this article useful, and you also think that securing your iPhone is an important issue, please share it with your friends so they can make their iPhone safer.

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