How Does HDTV Actually Work

It was in 1998, when the first high definition television (HDTV) sets were introduced. Television audience, for the first time were introduced to a detailed and brighter picture on their TV screens. Though HDTV

Best Practices to Build Wow Experience Giving Mobile Apps

How many of you all know this that there will be 5.5 billion mobile users by 2018? Yes, you read it correct 5.5 billion mobile users by 2018. Being a professional mobile app developer,

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At present, financial market is expanding exponentially and new business organizations are emerging at a pace which is faster than ever.  This changing scenario in global business has blessed us with a sea of

Top 5 Best Smartphones to Buy for Black Friday 2015

The invention of smartphones has led an era of complete ease at work, let it resemble loads of files to sort out or even delivering a message through bureaucratic natures. And an increasingly flourishing

HTC Desire 728 vs Moto G (3rd Gen)

After launching the highly criticized lookalike of iPhone 6, HTC plans on unveiling a new Desire smartphone in the Indian market. Dubbed as HTC Desire 728, the new phone has no official launch date,

The Impact of Smart Phones in Daily Life

A smart phone is a mobile phone that can do more than other phones. It offers advanced technology with good functionality. They work as a computer but are mobile devices small enough to fit

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Of late, there has been quite a bit of dilemma amongst the businesses worldwide, regarding whether to opt for the latest cloud backup technology, or to put the penny on the good old digital

Is Television About to go Quantum ?

Every time we turn around it seems like there is some new type of television in development. We have had 3D TV, 4K TV, Smart TV, OLED and now it seems like the next

DJI Phantom App

The DJI Phantom has apps that allow you to fly your craft, giving you the best experience possible. DJI GO and DJI Vision are constantly updated, which means your DJI Phantom, 3dr Solo, or

5 Best Apps for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

With mobile free real estate apps for agents, you can look for a home while you’re filling your gas tank or waiting in line at the mall. If you’re planning out your search, these