YouTube Direct Lite – Let Others Upload Videos To Your Channel

When it comes to marketing through videos, YouTube is the first name that pops into the mind of online business owners. Any individual with a Gmail account can take advantage of this free video sharing platform by creating a channel and uploading videos. YouTube recently surpassed 1 billion pageviews per month, which shows the potential benefits that are present to be reaped. It’s very important for SEO as well.

If you’re an owner of a website, chances are you may already be using the Google-owned video sharing channel as a part of your marketing efforts to increase website visibility. It’s easy to upload videos with a good internet connection on this site, and it can even be a seamless process with subscription to something like

However, it might be the case when you wanted others to upload videos to your respective YouTube channel. Commonly, people think that’s only possible by giving out the username and password to individuals who wants to submit videos. This might not be comfortable for you to do so, because the person who wants to submit will automatically have credentials to your other Google accounts (Google Plus, Gmail, Google Drive etc.)

Thankfully, there is a way to allow others to submit videos to your YouTube channel without giving them your username and password. The solution comes in the form of YouTube Direct Lite.

What is YouTube Direct Lite?

youtube direct lite

It’s been a while since this software has been around. It was originally created for news-based agencies, who wanted commenters to submit videos of news stories if they had one. YouTube Direct Lite allows the owner of the channel to examine and modify videos before they go live, and they can also choose the playlist on which the video has to be uploaded.

The user, on the other hand, will get access to an interface on the web, which can also be accessed from smartphone and tablets. The interface will allow the user to submit videos directly on the YouTube owner’s channel.

How To Use It?

You can directly add the widget of the video uploader on your blog or website. If you know programming, then it may be possible for you to make changes to CSS to embed it in the sidebar or anywhere you want it.

The other way is to copy the iframe code and embed it onto the webpage. It just requires a few steps:

  1. Go to the YouTube Direct Lite page and use your Gmail/YouTube credentials to login.

  2. Next, choose a playlist where you want the user to submit videos, or create a separate one where just to keep track and differentiate between your videos and user submitted videos.

  3. After you’ve completed step 2, copy the iFrame code that’s presented to you, and paste it anywhere on your website (in the sidebar or in the posts).

Note: You can also change the title and description of user submitted videos directly from this widget as well as view the entire playlist.

YouTube Direct Lite can serve more than a single purpose to any website owner. You can allow your e-mail subscribers to upload videos, run a video contest, of if you have a news based website; ask readers to submit videos that are unique and have the potential to go viral, giving them credit in return.

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  1. Hi Shameem,

    Thanks for posting this but I’m very curious to know how the smartphone integration works with a publishers website. I’m starting a video web series and would like to have users take a 30 second video/testimonial with their smartphone and then upload via youtube direct. If I have the widget on my wordpress site (which is responsive) would they be able to access the youtube direct widget on their phones? How does this work?

    Would appreciate any help

    thanks in advance

  2. Hey I used youtube lite which is more useful for video users it helpful for easy uploads, I would recommend other user to try out youtube direct lite.

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