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No matter whether you’re looking to manage your daily expenses, ensure your passwords protection or just read a newspaper, there is a specific Android application for any occasion. Here is a list with the top 10 apps which can improve your productivity:

1. Business Calendar
This application is useful whenever you need to manage multiple appointments at the same time. It also has a range of customizable widgets for different dates and events and it can even synchronize with Google Calendar. It’s available in two versions: free (ad-supported) or paid (5$, no ads).

2. Google Chrome
An excellent browser, offering a neat and speedy navigation for all webpages, even for those that feature flash content. Just like on a desktop browser, you are able to add bookmarks, save passwords for different websites and open multiple tabs at a time. And, on top of that, you don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

3. Adobe Reader
This is the best alternative to your built-in document reader. In fact, it’s much faster than any PDF reader on the market, and it also comes for free. You are also able to sing documents digitally or fill out simple forms through it.

4. Robin
This is a virtual assistant app, just like Siri on iOS. It has a lot of amazing features, such as the option to tweet for you, provide parking information on real-time, assist your GPS navigation, and much more. Also note that it’s free to download.

5. Evernote
This is the perfect application if you need to take a quick note of something. It provides many options, such as tags for easier management and a quick-snapshot feature. It can also synchronise to other devices, and it comes for free on the market.

6. mSecure Password Manager
Many people require an application that can efficiently protect their passwords. This one might be the perfect choice, since it has a built-in generator that secures all you online accounts, while your offline passwords are also encrypted for extra safety. This application costs 10$ to download.

7. Any.DO
Any.DO works like a simple task manager. You simply open it, type down your To-do notes, and it will make sure that you don’t miss a thing. It also gives you the option to set call-tasks or sms messages for certain hours, with a few weeks in advance, if that is what you need. It comes for free on the Google play store.

8. CloudOn
This application allows you to run a full-version of Microsoft Office right on your phone or tablet. You are able to create and edit Word documents, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets just like you do on a regular PC. And the best of all, it comes for free.

9. Swiftkey 3
This is a virtual replacement keyboard for your Android device. it is able to make accurate predictions and corrections as you type, and even if you miss the space button often, you will still get readable text. It costs 3.99$ to download.

10. CamScanner
Last, but not least, this application allows you to turn you smartphone into a virtual scanner. You are able to scan anything, from business cards, books and magazines and up to bills and receipts. Furthermore, you are able to fax your scanned documents via internet. This application is free to download.

Any of these applications you might choose, you are guaranteed to save a lot of time and improve your Android experience.

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  1. Great apps, thank you. Just wanted to add one that helped me with time management – Schedule Planner App. It very convenient for managers and businessman, who need to manage and plan a big number of events and tasks. I synchronize it with my google calender and use it on my iphone and ipad

  2. As apps become more prevalent and more powerful, entrepreneurs and small business owners are relying on these savvy tools to help their businesses grow and run more smoothly.

  3. Anyone who’s had to make three connecting flights and rent a car on the same day can attest to the need for a comprehensive and simple itinerary. Tripit is an app that allows business travelers to do just that by keeping track of trip arrangements in one unified place.

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