WordPress Plugin And Its Uses In Blogging

People love to enjoy live incidents. The scores of a cricket match need to be updated every second to keep it interesting. Events like the polls and news need to be updated as quickly as possible. People want to have the taste of live things. Launch of products or brands need to be live to enjoy the most. Things get difficult when one wants to update their blogs at such rapid pace. If there are delays in posting, the reader’s interest will be lost. To make the blog fast help of plug INS are being taken which posts the content at a rapid rate.

Live Blogging:

It is a plug in designed to support the micro blogs. Word press comes with an option that a custom post is being made. The size of the post is reduced and then divided into many halves. These parts are being posted to different blogs like micro blogs. This feature is available with WordPress 3.0.

Features of Plug in:

All these types of Plug INS operate on the polling method of AJAX. The opinion about the blog gets updated as soon as a reader reads the post. The impact stays as the post or comment gets updated as soon as the user posts it. With the use of plug in the server is kept load free. If the server is free from load, one can easily access the readers comment and can give reply to those.

wordpress plugin


Live plug in`s has its own advantages. The plug in automatically collects the first 139 words of the blog and tweets it. The feature can be enjoyed if a Twitter account is integrated with it. The followers in Twitter will get to know about the latest post as soon as there are entries in the blog. Live plug-in`s help the followers add comment instantaneously. These features are designed for hardcore bloggers. If they have competition issues, then with the help of such tools they can easily get more and more comments to their posts.

Installing Plug in:

The installation of the plug in is pretty easy. It requires a word processor of version 3.0 or higher and PHP 5.2 or higher. It takes nearly 5 minutes to load the plug in and then one is ready for rapid post. The FAQ`s often solves the common problem. If there are versions conflicts get the new version downloaded.


The main idea of a plug-in is to post the content in a rapid manner so that the attraction of the blog stays in the minds of the readers. The readers can be notified via tweets. But there are certain problems related to the plug in`s. often sensitive data`s are left wide open. The contents can be downloaded which includes directories containing sensitive information’s. The cache directory has a feature of listing the cache contents. Anyone can download the database cache keys recursively and then extract the information’s like password hashes. Cache is designed to be read only by an application and not by the users. If such plug ins expose the cache contents then it is going to be huge threat.

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  1. Hi Shameem,

    This plugin sounds like a great tool if you have a news site where you need to constantly update your posts.
    Although what you mentioned about revealing certain parts of your site’s database really concerns me.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

    Have a great day.


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