Wondershare Video Editor for Mac VS iMovie

There is little doubt that Apple’s new iMovie program was built to help fill the niche of inexpensive video editing software. And while the iMovie does an admiral job of providing plenty of features for a very small price, the Wondershare Video Editor for Mac represents some stiff competition in this particular field.

While neither program is constructed to take the place of advanced professional video editing software, the iMovie and Wondershare do offer a number of advantages that makes it perfect for most consumers.

Both the Wondershare and iMovie editing programs are similar in terms of offering good video editing features. However, there are a number of differences between each program that makes comparing both necessary before choosing which one is right for your needs.


Here, the iMovie has an edge because the total cost is only $15. While the Wondershare can be fully tested for free, the total price is $39.99 if you decide to purchase it. If the Wondershare has an advantage, it’s that you can test it out and even edit some video before purchasing. However, the iMovie certain has the edge in terms of overall cost.

Tools & Utility Items

This is the number of features outside of editing that each system provides. The iMovie does offer a few advantages, such as full screen playback, storyboard display and different types of titles. However, the Wondershare does offer key-framing which can be beneficial as well. Otherwise, both systems are roughly equal in these terms.

wondershare video editor

Editing Features:

It is here that the iMovie offers some additional features over the Wondershare, including animation tools, audio transitions and color correction. However, the Wondershare does offer all the basics and then some with its selection of excellent features. Still, iMovie does have some advantages in the realm of editing features.

Image, Video and Publishing Formats

Here, Wondershare really shines as it provides a great number of image, video and publishing formats. This means that those who want to introduce different types of image and video formats into the editing process. Furthermore, the publishing formats offer by Wondershare is simple startling. From mpeg-4 to DVD and DivX, Wondershare offers a myriad of choices for all types of publishing, including uploading to YouTube.

Technical Requirements:

Here, the Wondershare offers some advantages as it only needs .5GB of space in your device while the iMovie will require 4GB of your hard drive. This can be taxing with some devices, which is why the Wondershare is clearly the better choice in terms of how much hard drive space it takes up.

Overall, while iMovie does offer more editing features, Wondershare more than holds its own thanks to the format support and publishing ability once the editing is finished. While the choice of which format will come down to what you value the most, ultimately Wondershare offers clear advantages in what you can edit and how you can publish and upload the results.

Although iMovie is certainly cheaper, the overall cost of Wondershare is still relatively inexpensive and offers many different options that make it a popular and powerful choice for video editing software.

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