Why Windows App Store Should Have More Applications

When it comes to gadgets, competition can be considered tougher than before. People want something new all the time. What was popular last year can easily be phased out this year. Features are now easily upgraded and people have higher expectations than yesterday. When it comes to smartphones and tablets, three of the most popular platforms are Android, iOS and Windows phone. Among the three, Windows seems to be lagging when it comes to sales. Windows has been anticipated to be a hit because Microsoft has always been the leader when it comes in the field of personal computers. However, sales are not picking up and this may have something to do with the Windows App Store’s lack of applications.

Use of Smartphones

Smartphones and tablets are bought because of added features. The jobs of people have become more sophisticated since man experienced advancement of technology. The Internet is not just a portal for personal communication but it is also now used in different ways by business entities. Websites for one are put up so that a person conducting a home business can get easily receive and process orders online. This can be done with the use of laptops and personal computers but with the introduction of smartphones, these can now be easily done when your mobile gadget is connected to Internet connection. Mobile phones have evolved in such a way that you can do more than make calls and send text messages. Since these are portable, you can even do these even while waiting at the train station or having a cup of tea at a lavish restaurant.

The Power of Applications

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Applications have the power to entertain, connect you to social media pages, help you get organized and make use of business applications. A smartphone bare of applications are like empty barrels. They are only used for display. You can only harness the power of your smartphone by making use of an application. This is why manufacturers have upped your operating system. This is so that you can have something that can help you simply by using a business application from companies and while doing so, you can still do other things like opening your email while receiving a call. Applications will help you do your work faster and in a systematic manner.

Windows App Store Lacking

Compared to Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android, the Windows App store is still lacking when it comes to their number of applications. There is no doubt that the applications found here are also endowed with security because just like Apple, these have been scrutinized to prevent unwanted malware threat to their users. However, if you want to aggressively take over the sales of iOS and Android, you have to offer more applications in your app store. Smartphone users would want to be given more choices. It is understood that when they buy the product, they are tying themselves to the services that come with it. If you are not able to satisfy your current customers, they could easily ditch their Windows phone for an iOS or Android based smartphone or tablet.

Room for Improvement

For the manufacturers, they should consider adding more applications to the Windows App store aside by just concentrating on better operating systems. A powerful operating system would be useless if you cannot make use of equally outstanding number of applications. This change should be implemented the soonest time possible because with the head start of Apple App Store and Google Play Store is not easy to catch up to. Doing this will not only benefit their business but will also attract new manufacturers to use the Windows platform.

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  1. I definitely agree with you Shameem.There is seriously a shortage of high quality apps.Windows App store needs to update its Entertainment section more often.That will give it more mileage in my opinion.

  2. Windows application are not too much profitable in compare of iPhone and Android, because mobile companies like samsung, sony, Apple have chosen iPhone or Android as their mobile platform. In UK their are very few companies available which developing application on Windows platform.

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