What To Do Before You Build A Website

When building a website, it’s important to first consider a number of tasks and strategies that will help you to make the most of its features. These strategies range from carrying out market research, and having a specific idea of what you want to achieve, through to focusing on platforming, web hosting, and scalability; ensuring that you have an SEO strategy in place is similarly important for having a well developed plan for how a website is going to perform.

Market Research: Before starting any design work, it’s important to carry out some market research – this can involve looking at similar websites from businesses in the same area, and working out what kind of features may best appeal to your target audience. You also need to think about what kind of content is needed for a site, and whether you’ll need to work with any copyright rules. Existing customer information and market research may be adapted here to tailor a general plan for how a website should look and work.


If you’re building a site on your own, rather than going through a professional agency, then it’s worth considering using a high quality template like WordPress; doing so will speed up the process. However, if you want to create a more customized website and platform from the ground up, and with compatible web apps, then finding an agency that can build the best possible site for your business and budget is recommended.

Web Hosting:

website building tips

Another decision that primarily comes down to whether you want to build a site yourself, or get professional help, choosing a web host means deciding on how much storage you need, as well as whether you need to invest in a particular domain. In general, you can speed up the process of finding the right host by using a company like Deep Blue Sky for your website design, who will also be able to match up domain costs to your needs, as well as helping to pick the best URL for search engine optimisation.

Dynamic Features and Scalability:

To make a website stand out, it’s worth investing the time in dynamic web design, as well as an interface that can be scaled up depending on your needs. Dynamic features can involve adding more interactive features to a site, as well as including web apps that can make the overall experience of a site more efficient for users. In terms of scalability, taking the time to design a site that will look as effective on a mobile device is also important. Before starting this design process, it’s worth, then, checking to see what your options are, and how to best put together different features. Moreover, you need to think about how you want to integrate a payment system into a site, and how to secure it properly.

Get SEO Advice:

Not getting Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, advice before building a website can lead to marketing problems further down the line. Advice can cover areas such as how to integrate keywords for search engines into your site content, as well as how you may boost the visibility of a site by using inbound links from other pages. Overall, going into the process of building up a website with a plan for how you’re going to best position content, and make a site rise higher in searches, will make it easier to gain visibility.

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  2. Optimizing your site for search engine rankings and choosing a hosting platform should be the first priories in this context…isn’t it?


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