7 Tools to Determine Traffic to A Website

As a website owner, you might be interested in the search traffic details of your site as well as your competitor’s site. You would like to know how much traffic other websites are getting. There are a number of tools which serve you as traffic checkers for free. However, you should not use more than one or two such tools to avoid confusion and get accurate results.

Here is a list of 7  top  Traffic  Determining tools you can use :

check website traffic for free

  1. Google Analytics

google analytics

This is one of the most common traffic trackers used to check the traffic of a website. Google Analytics gives exceptionally exact insights on traffics as well as monitor just about everything which can be  stored by a cookie (programs, sort of OS, modules introduced, and so forth) on every visitor who is unique. It can be additionally used to monitor the performance of Google Adwords. It is free to use and have a simple and user-friendly navigation.

  1. Alexa


Alexa is a great tool to help you if you want to check the popularity of a website. It enables you to screen general trends of the incoming traffic. This tool takes in account the users with the Alexa Toolbar introduced in their browser and provides you an exclusive index. Alexa provides you the exact traffic numbers and enables you to correctly compare traffic of different websites.

You can check the global rank of a website with the traffic graph( if generated ). If you have a global rank lower than your competitors than you can predict that you are doing well. Here lower rank means a smaller number, like the site having a global rank 50000 has more popularity and is better than the website has a global rank of 60000. You can also get the list of most searched queries of a website and consider using the related keywords. It also provides you the countrywide data of the traffic on a website. 

  1. SEMrush


It is a reliable tool to check the traffic of a website. It offers a lot of data about the search traffic  for any website. You just need to put in the site URL and in a split second, you will be able to know how the site is performing in terms of search traffic. The information can be separated on the basis of nation and you can know the keywords which drive most of the traffic on the site. It is used by a number of bloggers because of its ease of use and usefulness. You can check the traffic details of your competitor’s website using SEMrush. It also shows you the keywords they are using to attain a higher rank. You can drive maximum benefits from this tool by making an effective use of it.

  1. Compete


Compete.com is another tool to check the traffic of any website. This is simply a website with a great user interface. It is somewhat like Alexa the only difference is that it gathers its information from different sources. It also enables you to check the unique visitors to different websites. It publishes an estimated number of U.S. visitors to around one million sites. The only con with compete.com is that it provides a data which is based on the U.S. traffic only. It provides two types of services, one is Site Analytics and the other is Search Analytics.

By Site Analytics, you can get the number of unique visitors and Compete rank of any website by just putting in the URL of that site. While Search Analytics gives you an idea about the keywords.

  1. SimilarWeb


SimilarWeb.com is yet another Alexa like traffic checker for websites. You can also get the insights of an app using SimilarWeb.com. It was started as a tool to find similar websites but slowly and steadily started offering a range of information consisting of traffic analysis with its clean interface. It provides you the number of unique visitors through a line graph. It enables you to check your competitor’s website data and that too with the keywords which drive maximum traffic to the site. It will also show you the traffic data on the basis of countries which send you the maximum traffic. You can also analyze the website data by using Similar web extension available for different browsers.

  1. Ahrefs


Aherfs.com is your perfect choice if  you want to track the backlinks and keywords. The index shows you updated data in every 30 minutes to make sure that you get the latest data. It contains a keyword database of around 45 million keywords which comes from different countries across the globe. It is actually a collection of tools including a site explorer, position  explorer, content  explorer, position tracker and a crawl report.

  • Site Explorer:

It is a tool to check the backlinks and provides you an explained detail of backlink profile for any website. You can also check the linking websites and the efficacy of the back links.

  • Position  explorer:

It enables you to analyze the search traffic of your competitor’s website. You can know the keywords which are helping their website to rank higher in search engine rankings.

  • Content  explorer:

It tells you about the content. You can get to know about the content which is getting maximum shares so that you can strategist your proceedings.

  • Position Tracker:

It provides you the daily ranking data accurately. You can track the keyword ranking trends in different countries.

  • Crawl Report:

The crawl report tells you about the common flaws on your site related to SEO so that you can set them right.

  1. Google AdWords

google adwords

You can use the Display planner inside the Google AdWords to check the  traffic of a website. Just log on to Google Adwords and go to display planner it may be a bit complex as compared with other tools but you will be happier to see the accuracy with which it works. You can check the daily page views of a website along with  the demographic data. It will show you the data distributed over the different platforms like a PC, mobile or a tablet. It is a free tool and you can easily use it to check the comprehensive traffic data of websites.

These are some of the most used tools for checking the traffic of a website. You can choose any of them as they may help you to give you an insight of search traffic of your competitors’ site and keywords that are performing well for them.

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