7 Weather Widgets for your Android Phone

Here are seven widgets that you can use with your Android phone. They all tell you the weather at the moment you are looking at it, and gives you forecasts too. All of the widgets may be used with an Android phone and most are able to be used on the Android tablet too. The list is in no particular order since they are all pretty good in their own way.

1. Eye in the Sky Weather

This is a weather widget that is very clean looking and easy to understand. It comes with four different sizes to that you may hide it away for a minimalist look, or make it rather big so that you can see what it going on outside. It gives you five day predictions that change as the forecasts change. It keeps you up to date with the current weather, and gives you predictions for how things may be, including precipitation, wind speed, etc. It is a good looking widget that has fourteen different icons for you to choose from. It is only guessing at the weather, but then aren’t they all?

2. Animated Weather Widget, Clock

This is a great little widget that uses its forecast application with live wallpapers too. The widget has some very good looking video effects to show you when it is going to be cloudy or rainy, etc. It shows you the weather for over 50,000 locations around the world, so you are all set unless you live in a remote region. This is more of an app for people who like things that look pretty and attractive whilst in use. It allows you to define your backgrounds and has an animated weather forecast. As the name suggests, it also has a digital clock too.

weather widgets

3. Android Weather & Clock Widget

This is a weather widget that comes with a clock too. You can get choose between five of them and it gives you the information you want based on the widget that you choose. You can add and remove things you want to know from your weather report. For example, if you do not care about the UV index because your skin works fine, then uncheck that one and it will not show you that sort of thing on your widget. You can share weather information with your friends, and it is easy enough to use. It has easy to understand symbols, and you can save the weather in multiple locations at once.

4. 3D Digital Weather Clock

This is a clock widget that shows you the current weather. It also shows you the forecast, and has statistics that pop up when you need or want them. You can see four day forecasts and it shows you the temperature of the weather and the temperature that you should feel including wind chill and such. It has a few configuration options that you can play with too.

5. Yahoo! Weather

This is the widget version of the Yahoo weather function they have online. They even use images from Flickr to describe the current weather conditions to you. It bases your weather forecast and the current weather reports on your current location. They have three widgets that you can choose from, and you are able to see the forecast for the next four days. The widget has a very good looking background and it also comes with severe weather warnings. It is a reliable enough widget too.

6. Weather Network Widget

You can get a look at the week-long forecast with this widget. It allows you to pull up information as you need it and gives you extra bits of information that other widgets do not give such as rainfall radars and such. It gives you details on the weather right now and forecasts for the future. You can also pick locations so you can see how the weather is going to be in places that you are going to visit. The information is very detailed, but the interface is not the best and is a little cluttered for some people’s tastes.

7. 1Weather

This is a weather widget that is eye catching. It has colored icons and a good looking background. It gives you all the sexy details you would expect, including things such as the UV index, temperature, etc. It is a convenient widget that allows you to tap your finger on the icon and see what is going on. There is a circular widget aspect that allows you to see the weather with a minimalist view. You can customize your widget so that it works the best way for you, and you get access to six different pages when you are looking at forecasts and looking at how the weather is right now.

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