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When looking at the most popular social networks and mobile apps, Instagram is always in the top options considered. That is due to the unique experience that is offered. Although Instagram appeared on the market in 2010, it quickly grew to a network that is used by hundreds of millions of people every single day. User numbers are consistently growing and there is no sign that this is going to stop.

Because of the large popularity of Instagram and the user base, it should be no surprise to see that businesses from around the world are now interested in using the network to promote their services and products. They do all that is needed from using the sites that give the possibility to buy Instagram followers to investing a lot of money in professional Instagram marketing staffs. However, not people have all the necessary investment budgets. Because of this, here are some useful tips that brands can easily use to promote themselves on Instagram in a way that will be effective.

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Creating A Separate Brand Identity

If you really want to promote a brand on Instagram the first thing that you have to do is to create a completely separate profile for it. The business account creation process is simple but it is different than the one to create a personal account. Always have a separate brand identity since you want people to know about the brand, not about you.

Including The Link In The Description

It is such a surprise to see how many Instagram accounts are now consistently uploaded but do not include a profile link. You most likely already know that you cannot add links in the description of the images. While this is not possible, you can add a link in the profile page. Make sure you use that one to drive traffic to your site.

Informative Bio

Hooking followers is not that easy if your bio profile is not well-created. In many situations businesses just add a small description and a homepage link. That is shallow. Be sure that the description is tested and consistently improved.

Optimizing The Images

Once the profile is in order, it is time to focus on the content that you are going to upload. It is important to do this before you actually press the upload button. Instagram will make the photos square in an automatic way and you can use the crop function. However, if the photo is not high quality, nobody will notice it. Always add just high quality images and videos. This is by far the most important thing when trying to promote brands on Instagram.

These are all the basics that are associated with promoting brands on Instagram. In many situations the companies are going to have a specific social media manager that will handle all social media marketing campaigns. When businesses are small it is hard to build an in-house department to handle that but as time passes, you will surely be able to succeed in developing a team of professionals to help.

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