Winning Twitter Strategies to Build Brands & Gain Followers

The social media has become the easiest and, for obvious reasons, one of the most powerful mediums for advertising products and services. Anyone who uses the internet for social media purposes is expected to have a Twitter account. This is a website that is specially known for its small, effective usage, that is, every thought must be compressed into just 140 characters.

This concise format might just be the blessing in disguise for every business owner with an online presence, because in this world of hash-tags and no time, people turn to social media for everything- be it the news or even looking up the local plumbers.

The trick is to ensure the full utilization of the 140 characters while not being overtly pushy or repetitive. For the rest, here are 8 easy ways to up your SEO rankings using Twitter:

  1. Separate your personal and business accounts. It not only spares your followers unnecessary personal details about you and also allows a more focused approach to your business profile. For instance, using some tools, you can schedule posts to be automatically posted to your business profile during peak hours to ensure an increase in traffic at predicted times during the day.
  2. Choose a handle (which is basically your name on Twitter) that is descriptive of your business and your company. For example, if the name of your company is John’s Auto Repair shop choosing a generic handle such as @autorepair will not make your stand out or even help someone who’s specifically looking for your shop/ service.
  3. Follow as many relevant accounts as possible and notice their newsfeed. Follow the people they follow. Use the advantage of his snowballing effect to improve your SEO ranking.

Remember to thank your followers, or those who re-tweet your content. Follow-communicate-share-repeat is the mantra to follow on this social media platform.

twitter strategies

  1. Once the follower base is ready, share content about you and your work that is relevant, informative and click-baiting. Keyword rich content is a must. Use hash tags which will draw more traffic.
    ALWAYS mention your website’s URL in all your tweets. Use tinyURLs to maximize on the 140 character limit. This will ensure traffic back flow to your website from the interested customers, thus raising your page’s relevance in the rankings.
  2. If you’re ever out of interesting content to share from your work, share content by other authors on your twitter feed (always give credits to the original author), but ensure that your account remains in the newsfeed of others. Re-tweeting has powers of its own.
  3. Integrate the various social media platforms you use. Post links to your Facebook page via tweets, include a Twitter button on your webpage to simplify sharing, share your Instagram photographs on twitter. The social media is the most volatile of all the media, and people tend to forget what’s not visible. Online presence means exactly that- if you aren’t present, there will always be someone else to replace your product/ service.
  4. Using twitter cards is less conventional but it allows you to create a list of email addresses of those who follow/ share your content and this detail can be used to forward monthly newsletters or even interacting with potential buyers, personally. There are many tools which even allow spotting a target audience in real time.
  5. A good customer service with proper advertisement using hash tags and shares can go a long way in building the goodwill of the company and in gaining the loyalty of trusting customers.

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Sunny Popali is an everyday learner and editor working at Good Monster an SEO agency in Syracuse. He is passionate about helping online businesses to achieve their goals with cost-effective SEO & Digital Marketing services. He believes that you should keep conversion rates in mind.

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