Twitter Etiquette 101

Twitter is fast becoming a powerful social media platform where companies connect with their customers/prospects on a regular basis. It’s not only being used for interacting with target audiences but is also acting like a real-time customer service management system. In the following article we will be looking into a few tips to help your company practice good Twitter etiquette so that you don’t end up making the wrong impression.

Practice Gratitude:

Twitter is a social network. It’s made up of people who expect to give and receive. In order to be an effective part of this thriving community, you need to give back. You can’t have the dry ‘corporate’ attitude and expect to get a favorable response.

Be Social:

Conversations make up Twitter and give it the shape it has today. It’s a social platform so you are expected to be social in your approach. It’s about conversing rather than having a monologue. The more conversations you have, the more social you are. And the more social you are, the more real you seem.

twitter etiquette 101

Say “Thank You”:

A simple thank you can go a long way on Twitter. Every company wants to connect with its core audience, and Twitter gives you the perfect way of doing that. However, for that you have to come off as someone who isn’t afraid to say thank you, a lot. It’ll only show you’re human and make others want to connect to you.


How will you get the attention you’re looking when you’re not engaging with others? Don’t just go out there and follow others without engaging them. Let them know that you’re here to give value and you appreciate the time they put in to interact with you. Every company on Twitter needs to get more engaging with time, and yours is no different.

Have a Sense of Humor:

Okay, this certainly doesn’t mean you start cracking off-topic jokes and expect your followers to laugh. Your humor should help you make your tweets light and enjoyable. Your followers will look forward to what you post if they see you injecting healthy humor into your tweets. Be funny and professional at the same time.

Ask Questions:

No, asking questions doesn’t make you look like you’re a newbie. By asking the right questions, you will get the right answers orfeedback from your target audience. This feedback will help you take care of impending issues, fix problems and enhance your products/services.


Creating a better reputation using Twitter is not just about leveraging a reputation management but it’s also about understanding what makes Twitter work in the first place. And what the users really want out of it, so that you’re able to practice the right etiquette consistently.

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About the Author: Shameem

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  1. Hi Shameem,

    Great tips on using Twitter. I’ve been using it to promote my posts and also other people’s content and it’s great for driving traffic to my website.

    I think it’s very important to interact with people on Twitter, that’s how you grow a community that will eventually retweet your tweets and visit your blog.

    Thanks for sharing these tips.Cheers.


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