Exploring Twitter as an Effective Marketing Tool

There are different types of users on Twitter. One may use it for their personal use and the other may use it for commercial purpose. But the business people are the one who are taking more advantage on Twitter by using it for promoting their brands, in finding the prospects and so on. There are also few business people in the industry who have account on Twitter but they fail to attract more followers(prospects) on Twitter. The main reason for their failure is because they doesn’t know what their customers are expecting from them. So, here is a post that provides a guide for all those people who want to know how to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.

Effective Tips Of Twitter Marketing Tool

Always Provide Valuable Tweets

Most important thing on Twitter is to make one follow you for a long time. Whatever Tweet you post on the Twitter must be very valuable for your followers. Whether it is about your company products, services or about industry, it doesn’t matter, but it should be very valuable for all those followers. Try to post an inspiring 140 characters Tweet. This makes one to re-tweet your Tweet. More you get re-tweets then more people will start recognizing your brand on Twitter.

Try to Create Some Conversation

effective marketing tool

In order to promote your brand don’t post Tweets that are too promotional. Always post some Tweets which creates some conversation on Twitter. By posting this kind of Tweets will make one to start following you. In case, if you fail to do so then you are going to lose all of your valuable followers. For example, “How restaurant business benefits through #mobileapps?”. You can post this kind of Tweets. If your followers have something to say for your Tweet then definitely they will do that. Wait for some time to know what your followers are going to say for your Tweet. If your company provides a mobile app solution for restaurant business then you can post it as a Tweet. In this way you can promote your products and services on Twitter and also can make people get more engaged.

Be Active on Twitter 

The first thing which you have to do as an user on Twitter is to become more active. Try to spend at least one hour a day. The users on Twitter, before following one, will see how active and influential they are on Twitter. Always don’t Tweet something about your business. You should post Tweets in mixed combinations like jokes, industry news, some stats and so on in order to make one follow you. Try to make re-tweets, mention some one in your Tweets, and reply for other Tweets. All those will keep you always active on Twitter.

Tweet During Peak Time

Peak time plays an important role on Twitter and it also helps you to find out your prospects. If your business target audience is US people, then you have to post your Tweets between 9 a.m to 6 p.m in the United States time. This is one of the important marketing strategy on Twitter.

All these points will help you to use Twitter as an effective marketing tool.

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  1. Nice twitter post 🙂

    Am implementing the 1st and 3 rd tips and am missing the 2nd and 4th.

    Tweet in peak period is a good option and will try to create some useful discussion on twitter.

    thanks for sharing this nice post Shameem 🙂

  2. Hi Bro

    Nice tools. Thanks for listing it out. Twitter Marketing has great potential in getting us huge referral traffic and now by using these tools we can make use of our Twitter account more efficient and effectively.

    Thank You 🙂

  3. Hi,

    It’s my very first time over here…..and I have to say that this article is indeed very relevant and well-explained…..I think it’s always better to tweet regularly and build a connection with other people over there…networking is the key to success…..I loved your point of ‘Tweet During Peak Time’…It has helped me a lot in recent times….

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