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(Understatement alert) Those of us, who have lived in, been to or even heard about Namibia, know that it isn’t exactly the safest place to be in the solar system. In fact estimates tell us that Namibia averages four stolen vehicles per 24 hours. And obviously there are scores of other cars that are regularly broken into. This of course gives vehicle owners the creeps, who are now queuing up to get monitoring devices fitted in their car, even though the local insurance companies don’t require that as things stand. Cell phone spying is emerging as a new form of tracking vehicles.

Cellstop Namibia

Cellstop Namibia is the first company that realized the need for vehicle recovery system in the country all the way back in 2007. Cellstop Namibia is a privately owned wireless telematics company and has partnered with MTC and RUN (Recovery United Namibia) to provide anxious car owners a much needed lifeline. The lifeline goes by the name of Cellstop South Africa’s Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions and uses the combination of GSM/GPRS and GP networks to spy vehicles and aids the owners’ quest of keeping an eye on their cars. This has prompted many to go in favor of monitoring apps which can easily track one’s location through GPS.

Cellstop South Africa

The solution that traces its origin in the Namibian neighborhood, Cellstop South Africa, has formulated an MK5 and Stolen Vehicle Recovery System which is a step up from the previously used Cellstop MK4 Automotive. The MK5 gives the vehicle owners a “higher end solution” which focuses on top end fleet management and also on Road Fund Mass Distance Solutions. Cellstop Namibia has also introduced the MK9 software, which is said to provide spying facilities with unprecedented accuracy.

vehicle tracker smart phone

The features

What makes Cellstop Namibia’s products stand out is their exclusivity. In case the doors of the vehicle are opened without the consent of the owner, or if they are opened by an unauthorized person, the owner would be immediately informed via the Cellstop system. The same goes for cases where the ignition is tampered with or even if someone is vying to tow the car away of if its battery is low. A one-of-a-kind user interface, conjured up by Cellstop Namibia ensures that the user is always aware of the location and the safety of their car.

Tracking via cell phone

The user also has the facility of spying and controlling their vehicle via the key pad of their cell phone, in a way this form of cell phone tracking is the best option possible. They can not only locate their vehicle at all times with ease, they can also put their car to a halt if need be and also get SMS and reports about their daily trips. Cell phone Namibia also tries to facilitate its users by providing diesel electrical services all over the country.

Reducing car theft

The technology has worked wonders in South Africa by allowing owners to continuously monitor the location of their car, if it has been hijacked or stolen. The Cellstop system ensures that the user is regularly updated about the status of their car through SMS. This in turn enables a direct link between the owner and the vehicle and gives the former all the information he desires without actually having to call the Control Center.

Having been a groundbreaking success in South Africa, all eyes are now on the Cellstop system’s impact in the region often peddled as the hub of car theft and hijacking.

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  1. Those who place these electronic gadgets on vehicles are able to “see” from a remote computer or a smartphone where that asset is and where it is heading, with a position update every few seconds or minutes.

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