Top Tips To Understand The Technology Used In Home Printers

Usefulness of printers is something which is not limited. Now if you have some work which needs to print but you might not be in some situation where you will go the cyber cafe and do that. So, it is better to have a printer at your home. If you have a printer in your home then you can always reduce the cost of printing a document from outside.

Things to remember while buying a printer:

There are many things or points that need to be considered while buying a printer. The points are

  • Define your need

  • Type of printer

  • Type  of Cartridges

  • Usage of the printer

  • Price

Define your Need:

Defining your need of the printer is very much important as otherwise you will end up buying a printer which doesn’t suit your requirement. This is also very important to check the price of the printer. Even if you buy an expensive printer but that printer might not be fruitful for you.

Type of Printer:

Defining your need for the printer will also include that what type of printer you require. Now there are main two kinds of printers. One is inkjet printer and the other one is laser printer. While deciding the type of printer what you must know is that a laser printer works fast than an inkjet printer. The laser printer mainly uses a higher level of technology than an inkjet printer. Now the laser printer will give you a good quality of printing and it is a wise choice if your work demands a lot of printing. On the other hand, an inkjet printer will be a nice choice where your printing work is less.

Type of Cartridges:

Without cartridges any printer will not work. So, cartridges are something which is the most important thing to be considered while buying a printer. There are different cartridges available for laser printer which is known as toner cartridges. This type of cartridges are expensive than the normal one. But the lifetime for these cartridges is higher than the normal one. All these type of cartridges can be refilled as and when required. But the quality will not be the same as new one.

Usage of the printer:

types of printer

Buying a printer will not only help you, the usage of the printer should be checked while buying. If you buy a printer which is not much user friendly then you might face troubles while using the printer. Mainly the paper loading procedure and the replace procedure of the cartridge are the two most important things to consider. But you will have the option of checking the procedures online and those advice’s are really helpful for them who are using the printers for the very first time.

Price of the printer:

When you are buying anything your one of the most important concern will be the price of the printer. So, you should first make you mind whether you need a color printer or a black ink printer because the color printer’s price will be higher than a normal printer. So, if you only need a normal printer then you can save money by not choosing a color printer.

The technology of the ink of the printer:

The technology of the ink of the printer is something which is different for two different cartridges. The normal inkjet printers used to have two different ink technologies. One of them is thermal inkjet process. This is a process which is being adopted by all the renowned company like Canon and HP. The other process is known as piezoelectric process and this process is to push the printer ink drops by the piezo crystal. These piezo crystals are expandable whenever it comes with the contact of the electrical power.

Now the processing of the ink is directly related the quality of graphics and resolution. The processing of the ink is known as dithering. This particular process is nothing but breaking color pixels into a series of dots just to form the spectrum.

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